We hear you’re moving! Congratulations, it’s an exciting time!

You’ve found a new home (maybe it’s your first?) and you’ve signed all the papers (man, are there plenty of those!). Now it’s time to prep for moving day, and that’s not always an easy thing. Plenty of us at The Packaging Company have moved before (some of us more than once!), so we’ve put our heads together and created this handy home moving timeline. It’s helped guide us towards a successful moving day, and we hope it’ll do the same for you!

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2 Months until Moving Day

  • Choose a moving company
    Research at least a few companies. Confirm their working hours and what services they provide (do they pack anything for you? what will they and won’t they move?). Be sure to get written estimates or quotes as well.
  • Appraise expensive items (like jewelry) for possible future claims
  • Gather important documents together
    This includes personal ID and legal documents for address changes. Organize your insurance papers, bills and other items like financial records or medical information.
  • Create storage boxes to store important files

1 Month until Moving Day

  • Purchase your moving supplies
    Buy moving boxes in multiple sizes (or try a moving starter kit!), and don’t forget other packing supplies like bubble, packing tape and a hand truck.
  • Start packing up items that won’t be needed again until you move
  • Label boxes clearly with their contents and room destination
  • Set aside items that can be sold or donated (collect donation receipts for tax time)
  • Map out your new home
    Where will you place your furniture? Who gets which bedroom? This will help loading and unloading the truck move more smoothly for everyone involved.

2 Weeks until Moving Day

  • Arrange for disconnection dates of utilities like heat and power
  • Dispose of any flammable, poisonous or combustible items still in your home
  • Start planning meals to use up food items in your pantry, fridge and freezer

1 Week until Moving Day

  • Finish packing and create a master checklist of all boxes and furniture
  • Set aside a moving box for last minute and personal items
  • Drain/defrost your refrigerator/freezer if they’re moving with you
  • Arrange for child care during moving day

Moving Day

  • Lay down rug runners to protect floors, carpets and stairs from damage
  • Double check all rooms, closets and storage areas for anything left behind
  • A third, final check is always a good idea once you’re ready to lock up and go
  • Take a final reading on your utility meter


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Now that you’ve got your home moving timeline down, don’t forget to load up on the next important thing—moving supplies for the big day. From everyone here at The Packaging Company, have a happy and successful moving day!