Most people will tell you a box is a box is a box, but that’s just not the case.

Boxes can be made out of different materials like paperboard or plastic. Some can be specially built to hold certain items like tablets or clothing. And some are meant to for heavier items like TVs or mirrors.

That’s why The Packaging Company suggests the use of corrugated boxes. They’re made of tough and reliable material and they’ll keep your products safe from damage during shipping or storage.

So why should you use corrugated boxes?

They’re made with quality materials.

Corrugate is made from a paperboard material called corrugate fiber paper. It’s a much stronger and more reliable choice than just regular cardboard.

A layer of wavy paper called fluting is sandwiched and glued between two layers of straight liner paper. This is called a layer of corrugate and the fluting inside helps make a box strong and resistant to damage. Depending on the kind of box strength needed during shipping, these layers can be made two or three thick to really make sure everything inside is kept safe.

They’re easier on the environment.

Corrugated boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, just keep them free of oil and other chemicals. Recycled corrugate takes a lot less energy to make than brand new corrugate does. This reduces the amount of sulfur and dioxide going into the air. Choosing a corrugated box for shipping or storage really is an environmentally-safe choice.

They’re great for moving.

Corrugated boxes are perfect for moving into a new home or university dorm. They’re high-quality and strong enough to get your possessions from point A to point B without damage. And a properly assembled and packed corrugated box can help avoid injuries while moving.

A good rule of thumb for moving is that you’ll need three sizes of corrugated boxes:

Small boxes are ideal for books, movies, CDs, collectibles and fragile items.

Medium boxes are great for kitchenware, living room décor and household toiletries.

Large boxes are best for packing bedrooms and bathrooms, but look out for heavy items. Pack large but light items in them, like pillows, lamps and extra blankets.

Bonus! Specialty boxes are usually double-wall corrugate and can handle china, electronics, mirrors and heavy duty kitchen appliances.

Don’t forget labels and markers, box dividers, void fill and packaging tape!

Corrugated boxes get the job done right. That’s why The Packaging Company has all the corrugated boxes, supplies and advice you’ll need when it comes to moving, shipping and storing.