There are so many benefits to using foam. Whether you’re moving to a new home or just putting stuff into storage, foam has what it takes to cushion and protect things. Though it’s just one of the many quality packaging products you have to choose from, it has advantages over those other options.

If you can’t decide which product to use, let’s take a look at how using foam can do right by you.

You’ll Save Money

Shipping to a new location by mail, delivery service or moving company? Foam packaging is a lighter option than using bubble cushioning or other forms of fill. Since it doesn’t weigh down your shipments, it also keeps your costs low. This makes it a smart, cost-effective alternative.

You’ll Ship Things Better

Are you shipping something valuable? Maybe it’s an antique vase from your great-great-grandmother, or a Christmas ornament passed down from generation to generation? What about a letter from your granddad to his wife during wartime, or even just a card with money? No matter the item, it’s important to keep it safe and intact.

Foam is a surface-protecting material that wraps around and encases an object. This is often called “coddling.” It conforms to the shape of your object, bending around angles and getting into its nooks and crannies. It will protect your objects from marring even better than bubble cushioning.

And once you’re done with it, foam can be re-used to mail something, or just be tossed in the recycling bin.

You’ll Protect Things Better

Made out of polyethylene, foam is resistant to extreme temperatures and outdoor elements. Foam sheets (and pouches) are used to ship electronics and their components because they provide anti-static protection. It can suit so many needs that it’s often the better packaging choice.

Because it’s so light and takes up less room, it easily slips between stacked dishes and can cradle antiques. When paired with a shipping box from The Packaging Company, foam works great as a void fill. You can’t beat that kind of combination, and why would you want to?

You’ll Have Options

Foam’s available in sheets and rolls, on its own or in a convenient dispenser carton. It comes in different thicknesses and colors, and can be cut to fit any box or space. It works in so many different applications that most companies rely on it first to protect their products and shipments.

The Packaging Company has foam in all its forms, along with so many other high-quality packaging supplies. Take a look and we think you’ll agree, when it comes to protecting your products, using foam is definitely a wrap.