It can be easy to find a custom packaging supplier that you like. It is also easy to make hasty decisions, especially if you’ve been looking for a while.

There are many factors to be aware of with custom packaging. That’s why it is important to know what you need before you start designing. Below are 5 things you should consider when choosing custom packaging.

The Quality Of The Packaging

Nobody wants a package to arrive damaged, especially the company sending it. When designing your own custom packaging, it’s important to know how strong and high-quality it needs to be. Certain items, such as those already in boxes, may only require a single wall box. More fragile items, however, may need double wall or triple wall boxes, or perhaps multi-depth boxes.

Consider the package’s journey also; is it one straight journey from your packaging area to the customer’s home, or will there be multiple transitions? Knowing how much your package will be moved and hoisted around will not only tell you how sturdy your packaging needs to be but also how weather resistant it needs to be as well.

Will The Packaging Go To Waste?

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a shipment of custom packaging and then not being able to use it; this scenario is true, especially for smaller businesses. Additionally, you want to ensure that all of the material you’re using is necessary to the venture. When designing packaging, size requirements are potentially the most important figures to keep in mind.

Remember that any excess packaging will often go to waste, especially if the product you’re ordering it for only has a limited run. If you buy two-hundred custom boxes for your products and can only use half, you’ve wasted money and resources.

Is The Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Protecting the environment is crucial, and it comes hand-in-hand with protecting your company’s reputation. Shipping companies and individual traders alike use so much material that it’s important to ensure you don’t leave a negative impact on the planet. Before buying from any packaging company, ensure they have a solid green initiative with values you agree with.

Many packaging options are recyclable, but some may not; ensure your options are eco-friendly before you make your purchase. Additionally, solutions such as void fill, biodegradable air pillows, and other eco-friendly packaging options may be available to you to aid in offsetting consumer waste.

How Well Does The Packaging Promote Your Brand?

Brand recognition is key in generating higher revenue. The importance of a well-placed logo or brightly colored box cannot be stressed enough. If somebody recognizes your company just from the packaging you use, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a top seller.

Keep in mind that by potentially paying a little more to ensure your brand is fully represented on your packaging, those packages can easily pay for themselves in the future. Not only will your customers see your designs, but every warehouse worker and delivery driver will too.

How Secure Is The Inner Packaging?

The inner packaging of any package you send out will act as the last line of defense in securing the product within. These products can include newsprint paper, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and anything else that acts as void fill. Void fill particularly is great at securing products when they don’t quite fill their boxes due to either size or shape.

Some custom packaging solutions may come equipped with the functionality that inner packaging provides, cushioning the products in a way that prevents damage. Bubble wrap, on the other hand, is an industry-standard for a reason due to the unique type of protection it offers. Always consider inner packaging security when choosing your custom packaging.

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