What Are Carryout Bags?

As a result of COVID-19, restaurant and food businesses across the country have had to flip the switch and resort solely to take-out meals and food delivery services. With the growing popularity of these take-away food options, restaurants have had to increase their take-out supplies and find better ways for customers to get their meals home.

Takeout bags have been around for a long time, and for the most part, haven’t changed. They typically come in open-top, plain plastic or paper bags (which still work great!) but it’s time to provide an experience that your customers will remember. We offer a variety of carryout bags that go above and beyond customer expectations and help you build a reputation for your business. Take a look at the most popular take-out bags below.

Types of Carryout Bags

Fast Take® Tamper-Evident Carryout Bag – These tamper-evident bags are perfect for delivering food as they ensure that the contents are protected and safe during travel. The restaurant can place a customer’s order inside the gusseted bottom bags and securely seal the bag with the tamper-evident strip. These bags are made from a strong high-density polyethylene and also include a strong die-cut carrying handle. Our carryout bags are available in both printed and unprinted versions, the unprinted versions allow restaurants to easily customize by adding a personalized logo.

Fast Take® Tamper-Evident Beverage Carrier – Our tamper-evident beverage bags provide the perfect and safe alternative to traditional beverage trays. This allows restaurants to rest easy knowing that their products are making it to their customers tamper-free and safe. The durable HDPE plastic is leakproof and can hold up to a 32 oz drink and they also include a strong die-cut handle for easy carrying. These beverage bags are available in 1 drink or 2 drink capacities and also come in printed or non-printed designs, making it easy for your business to customize the bag.

Fast Take® Soft Loop Handle Bag – Soft loop handle bags are durable, clear and convenient bags for both restaurants and food businesses. The wide, square bottoms allow for easy filling and hands-free standing. While the strong polypropylene material resists tearing and prevents leaking. The exceptional clarity of these bags allows restaurants to provide a good presentation and lets customers see exactly what’s inside. These unprinted bags are also easy for businesses to customize with personalized logos/labels and are available in three different sizes including small, medium and large. The great thing about these bags is the reusable design, customers can continue to use this take-out bag for future needs and purchases.

Paper Take-Out Bags – For a more eco-friendly and traditional approach to take-out bags, we offer classic kraft paper take-out bags. These bags come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, all of which are blank and perfect for branding your business. Although these bags do not offer tamper-proof features, they are quick and easy to pack and carry.

Do You Need To Purchase Carryout Bags for Your Business?

If you own a restaurant or food business, you can benefit greatly from maintaining a strong brand and reputation. Your customers will feel safe and be satisfied knowing that your company is going above and beyond to ensure their food is sealed and safe against tampering. Visit The Packaging Company today to view our full selection of carryout bags and other food packaging supplies.