Choosing the right packing tape is an integral part of ensuring that your goods remain safe and in excellent condition while in transit. While your customers might not put too much thought into the packing tape they see on a box, it should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re selecting your shipping products.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that we’ve made mistakes when selecting packing tape until it’s too late and the customer has received a faulty product as a result of the tape peeling off. To avoid this situation altogether, you need to consider the most common mistakes that companies like yours will make when it comes to selecting packing tape.

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You Didn’t Use The Correct Color Of Tape For Your Brand

Branding is everything and successful branding has a significant impact on the success of your business. There’s nothing quite as off-putting as packing tape that is the wrong color or is completely inconsistent with your branding.

When selecting your tape, choose customizable options or tape colors that align with your branding color palette as much as possible. This ensures that customers can easily identify a package from your brand!

You’re Using The Tape Incorrectly

It might seem like a simple task, but using the tape incorrectly is a common yet easily fixable issue. When you’re packing your goods, you need to ensure that the tape is pushed down firmly along the opening of the box.

If you allow too many air bubbles to accumulate or you leave too much tape sticking up from the box opening, this will pop open over time. You should also ensure that the tape isn’t used in a setting that is too cold. This stops the adhesive from creating a tight seal on the box.

You Chose The Wrong Tape For Your Business

Packing tape is not a one-size-fits-all product. To ensure you get the best out of your tape, you need to select the best tape for your business, shipping practices and the goods you intend to ship.

This will impact the tape’s durability, size, color, material and so much more. Choosing the best tape for your business can help keep your goods safe from tampering and wear and tear, keeping your customers happy!

You’re Not Using Enough Tape

While less is more in some respects, not using enough tape can be a significant issue. We know how clunky and unattractive an overly-taped box is, but you need to use just enough tape to ensure the box remains secure.

If you don’t use enough tape, the contents of the box will more than likely fall out during the shipping process. Try to use two strips of tape in opposite directions for the strongest hold.

What Are Some Things I Should Consider When Selecting Packing Tape?

To select the best tape for your shipping, here’s a list of a few things that you should consider before making a purchase:

  • The size of your packaged good
  • The material of the shipping container
  • The desired aesthetic of the packaging
  • Its performance in extreme temperatures
  • Strength of the adhesive

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