What Are Static Shield Bags And How Do They Work?

Kids love balloons, especially when they rub them on their head and their hair rises with the balloon. That is how they first learn about static electricity.

It is not so fun when you are brushing your hair in the winter and you get zapped by a charge! We may laugh about static electricity but in today’s world of technology, it can be a serious problem.

Static shielding bags have given us the ability to ship sensitive parts like motherboards and graphics chips all around the world. They are a vital part of shipping and safety for many sensitive parts of technology.

Continue reading to learn how static shield bags work and what makes them different from antistatic bags.

Static Electricity Dangers

We have all been hit with static electricity especially in the winter. When there is less water in the air, static electricity can thrive. This makes it very dangerous for our important electronic equipment today.

Water must be kept out of the important inner workings of our phones and computers. They can be significantly damaged by static electricity and therefore, must be protected. One shock could fry a motherboard and make it useless.

Static Shielding Bags Abilities

Shielding bags have been designed to keep electrostatic discharge from happening to important components. Static can build up from the outside of the bag, but it can also build up within the bag.

A static shielding bag has three layers designed to protect its contents. The first layer is a dissipative polyethylene plastic that prevents a build-up of static in the bag from movement.

The second layer is an aluminum layer to protect from electrostatic discharges. It acts as a conductor by grounding the static charge away from the contents of the bag.

The third layer is another polyethylene plastic that acts as a static shield protecting the bag from outside static charges. A static shielding bag protects from static inside and outside the bag.

What Is The Difference Between A Static Shielding Bag & An Antistatic Bag

Many people do not understand the differences between a static shielding bag or an antistatic bag. This lack of knowledge can cause an error during shipping that can be expensive for your company and its customers.

A static shielding bag is different from an antistatic bag because it protects the item from internal and external static charges. An antistatic bag keeps the contents from causing a static electrical charge.

The antistatic bag does not offer any static shielding protection to the contents. It is best used to bring non-sensitive parts into a static environment. It will keep the contents from building up static electricity.

The Right Product for Your Packaging Needs

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