What Are The Different Types of Tape?

Tape may seem like a small and insignificant supply in the grand scheme of things but in reality, there are many businesses across the globe that would not be able to function without it. Many different industries benefit from the use of tape thanks to the variety of tapes that exist. Some tapes are used in the electrical industry, while others are great for crafting and painting. Each type of tape has a unique function and benefit for its users. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of tape and what the main purpose of each one is.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is absolutely essential for any type of shipping business that uses corrugated cardboard boxes. This tape is typically made of a strong acrylic plastic or polypropylene material that is coated with a strong, effective adhesive. The adhesive is perfect for grabbing onto the surface of both new and recycled cardboard boxes and holds up well to both hot and cold weather.

Packing tape is typically clear or lightly colored, but also comes in a variety of colors, widths and designs. If you are a business or individual that is sealing and shipping cardboard boxes, packing tape is a must-have in your supplies.

Masking Tape

Masking tape, otherwise known as painter’s tape, is a paper tape that does not leave any type of marks or residue on the surface on which it is placed. This type of tape is most commonly used in organizing, labelling, painting and crafting thanks to its temporary nature.

Masking tape is most popularly sold in blue, green and off-white colors. However, there is a wide selection of different colors, widths and thicknesses that can be used for different purposes. Some tapes are heat resistant and safe for baking, while others are color-coded and ready to help you organize. Masking tape is a great supply to have around in both homes and businesses.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is easily one of the most popular types of tape in homes and businesses across the country. It is an extremely versatile and strong tape that is also waterproof. It is made up of three unique layers including a strong adhesive layer, a cloth fabric layer and the top plastic layer. Due to its moisture resistance, flexibility, strength and very sticky adhesive, duct tape is the perfect “repair” tool to keep in your toolbox, and around your home or business!

Although the most widely recognized duct tape is the classic grey/silver color, you can get a wide selection of colors, designs and widths that will be sure to suit your needs. Duct tape is a great all-purpose tape to keep in stock at your home and business.

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is exactly as it sounds, tape with two adhesive sides. This kind of tape is best used in applications such as bonding, mounting, and displaying. There are three common types of double-sided tape. The first type is for more permanent purposes such as crafting and scrapbooking. The second one is a removable double-sided tape which is great for hanging posters, pictures and other displays that will need to be moved or taken down at a later date. The third type is double-sided foam tape which is ideal for sealing, cushioning and displaying items, especially on irregular surfaces.

Double-sided tape is typically clear in color, while foam tape is most iconically white. However, all of these tapes are available in a variety of colors, widths and designs.

Kraft Tape

Kraft tape is most commonly water-activated and used for sealing and shipping cardboard boxes but, it can also be used for many different types of surfaces. This type of tape has excellent adhesion to corrugated cardboard and has effective application even when the box is dusty or dirty. Additionally, kraft tape performs exceptionally well in both extreme cold and hot temperatures, making it the perfect tape for shipping in intense conditions. Kraft tape can also come reinforced with extra strong fibreglass yarns that add strength and protection.

Kraft tape is most commonly found in the natural brown kraft color, however, it is also available in white. There are many different widths and strengths to choose from.

Strapping Tape or Filament Tape

Strapping tape, also known as filament tape, is a long-lasting tape that has a very high tensile strength. It is most commonly used in applications such as carton sealing, bundling, securing items and more. There is a variety of strengths to choose from, ranging from light duty to industrial purposes.

Strapping tape is most commonly sold in clear or white color, but they are available in other colors such as blue and black. Additionally, there are a variety of widths, strengths and thicknesses to choose from depending on your needs.

Electrical Tape

Electrical tape, also known as insulating tape, is designed to insulate wires, cables and other materials that conduct electricity. On average electrical tape is made from stretchy vinyl, plastic, rubber silicone or sometimes even glass cloth. Each electrical tape is rated for a specific voltage and temperature, so when using it make sure that you have the correct tape for your needs.

Electrical tape is most commonly black, however, there are a variety of colors, widths and types available. It is important to note that different colours of electrical tape are not only just for preference but can actually withstand different voltage limits as well. Ensure that your electrical tape meets up to the requirements of your job before using it.

High Temperature Tape

High-temperature tape has two popular variations including Kapton® tape and glass cloth tape. Kapton® tape is best used in applications such as circuit boards, wire splicing and automotive sensors, while glass cloth tape is perfect for hot wire contacts, heat sealing machines, ironing and pressing equipment. These high-temperature tapes are flame retardant and suitable for a range of temperatures, right up to 500℉.

High-temperature tapes are available in a variety of widths, styles and lengths that are sure to suit your needs.

Safety Tape

Safety tapes come in a variety of styles including reflective, vinyl and anti-slip. Reflective tape is perfect for marking dangers and other notable features and provides clear visibility both day and night. Vinyl safety tape is available in a wide range of high-visibility colors and is perfect for colour-coding, bundling, perimeter lining, flagging and much more. The anti-slip tape has an abrasive surface that increases traction. It is the perfect solution for preventing slips and falls in numerous locations such as outdoor events, stock rooms, sports facilities, stairs and more.

Safety tapes come in a variety of styles, colors and widths that are sure to fit your needs as a business. Having these tapes can increase employee and customer safety and ultimately keep your business running smoothly.

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