Custom packaging is a fantastic tool for any business. It can help establish brands, bolster your existing ones, reduce waste, and even promote green initiatives. However, like any tool used to help your business, it comes with numerous potential pitfalls.

By understanding and recognizing the potential mistakes people make when implementing custom packaging, you can avoid any negative consequences. Here are the most common mistakes people make when ordering custom packaging, and how to avoid them.

Waste Of Materials

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing boxes, mailers, coasters, or anything else, poor decisions mean you run the risk of material waste. Keep in mind that any mistake you make in your order could render your custom packaging supplies completely unusable. Unlike regular packaging solutions, custom packaging is much less likely to be returnable or refundable.

Furthermore, you should consider all of the materials you need, and try to eliminate any excess from your order. While it’s a good business practice to order more than you need, don’t go overboard unless you know you’ll use whatever is leftover. Also, when it comes to extras such as void filler, consider whether you really need it or if it’ll just be thrown out.

Incorrect Box Sizes

Custom boxes are perhaps the most purchased custom packaging supplies, and it’s important to double and triple-check all dimensions before placing your order. If your boxes are too large, then you run the risk of damage to the product, as well as the extra cost of purchasing void filler. If they’re too small however, they may be completely unusable.

If the boxes are simply a custom size, then the supplier may accept returns; however, you shouldn’t rely on this. On the other hand, if your boxes are designed with your logo or other unique specifications, your company may be the only one who can effectively use them. Always ensure you order the right size of boxes to fit your needs.

Typos, Spelling And Grammatical Errors

When inputting information for your order, it is important to have a keen eye on typos, spelling and grammar. A simple typo, a word that is spelled incorrectly, or a slogan that doesn’t make grammatical sense may not seem like a big deal, but all of this reflects poorly on your business.

Remember that once the packaging is made, it can’t be unmade, and it will cost both time and money to amend these mistakes. If you’re unsure whether the words or sentences you’re using are correct, there are plenty of free spelling/grammar check tools that you can use online. You may also ask someone to review your packaging copy for any spelling/grammatical errors as well.

Poor Readability On Labels

Designing a logo with a slogan is a great way to get your brand out there. Keep in mind however that words that are clear and comprehensible on your 24-inch computer screen may be too small to read on a 4-inch packaging label.

By using a large and clear font, alongside sharp contrasting colors, you can ensure that your labels stand out and have consistent readability.

Using Non-Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

People are more environmentally conscious than ever, so any company with a heavy reliance on packaging should aim to be eco-friendly. Not only will companies using non-eco-friendly materials be contributing to landfills, but the public opinion of them will deteriorate as a result.

By using materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, however, such as recyclable boxes and paper tape, your company can remain green. Being environmentally friendly as a company matters more to customers than ever before.

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