What Exactly Are Indestructo Mailers?

Protect Your Package With Sturdy Mailers

Help Ensure Your Package Will Arrive Damage Free

You will feel more at ease when you mail your products using Indestructo mailers. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, your items will arrive damage-free, in crush-resistant Indestructo boxes and stuffed with appropriate bubble wrap or other packaging when necessary.

Indestructo mailing boxes are pre-sized corrugated cardboard boxes, that are an easy to assemble form of packaging meant to protect your product from place of origin to its destination damage-free.

Premade Indestructo boxes have an easy-open front flaps that tuck in to close. Although you might choose to use a bit of tape or glue on the edges of each box to help to keep them closed during transport, but this is not necessary.

The wide selection of available sizes for Indestructo boxes help make this the perfect packaging choice for companies who value the safe travels of their products to their customers. This will also limit returns for businesses from damaged products.

Uses for Indestructo Boxes

The durability of Indestructo mailers makes them the reliable choice for many businesses uses. You can securely mail products to your customers, and once received, the items can be displayed in the same box. Meaning any overflow of products can be stacked and stored until it’s time to place them on shelves or to use them in other aspects of your business.

Sturdy Indestructo mailers are frequently used by small businesses to help get their items safely into the hands of their customers.

Indestructo boxes can be used confidently to mail health aids, office products, machine parts, and so much more. Your business determines your needs when it comes to using quality Indestructo mailing products.

Benefits of Using Indestructo Mailers

Indestructo mailers help provide the security your customers depend on when receiving products from you damage-free. You can feel safe shipping your product to clients knowing that the Indestructo mailer protected the product that was inside.

Although Indestructo mailers are currently not available for customization, if you are looking for a custom option consider Indestructo’s cousin, the custom front lock mailer, which have outside flaps and inside dust flaps and create a memorable unboxing experience.

Are you looking for Indestructo mailers for your business?

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