When storing or packaging metal products, you need to know that they will not rust or become damaged due to chemicals in the air or humidity. VCI packaging and VCI rust removers are the perfect solutions to keep your packaged metal in top condition.

Keep reading to learn about VCI rust preventors – what they are, the types of products available to prevent rust, and why you need them. The Packaging Company provides top-tier products to help you preserve, store, and package your items without compromising quality – contact us to learn more!

What Are VCI Rust Preventors?

VCI rust preventors are a way to store metal items without them becoming rusted. VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. It refers to removing and reducing dust without using a liquid, which could be impractical under certain circumstances. Instead, a VCI rust remover bag contains molecules that will settle on the surface of the metal to provide a protective barrier against corrosion.

Many different things, including humidity, oxygen, contaminants, and chemicals, can cause corrosion. With a VCI rust remover bag, you can ensure that these factors don’t compromise your product’s quality while it is stored or packaged during shipping.

VCI bags eliminate the electrochemical corrosion process that leads to rust and damage, leaving your metal items pristine.

Advantages Of Using VCI Packaging

Now that you know what VCI bags and rust removers are, let’s discuss why you might benefit from using VCI packaging for your metal items. Here are the advantages of using VCI packaging:

  • You won’t need to scrub – removing rust after it occurs is lengthy and time-consuming. Instead of eliminating rust after it happens, you can prevent it from occurring in the first place.
  • Rust preventatives require particular disposal – petroleum, typically used to remove and prevent rust, can be hazardous. This means you must take care when disposing of it, using solvent-based cleaners. It’s best to avoid the need for rust removal by taking preventative measures.
  • Use VCI packaging for multiple products – you can get the most out of your VCI packaging by using it to house various products, allowing for cost savings.
  • VCI packaging is reusable – if you’re looking for more sustainable packaging options, then VCI packaging is your best bet. It is completely reusable, so long as it doesn’t become damaged throughout the shipping process, allowing you to save money and cut costs.

Packaging Supplies: VCI Poly Film Vs. VCI Paper

When considering using VCI packaging for your business, you must know which type to look for. You can typically choose VCI poly film or VCI poly paper for your packaging. Here’s a little more information about these different VCI materials:

  • VCI poly film:
    • Superior moisture barrier.
    • More ease of use with bag options.
    • Dust and contaminant protection.
    • Long shelf-life (up to 3 years).
  • VCI paper:
    • Faster diffusion rate for more instant protection.
    • More cost-effective.
    • Easily forms around metal parts.
    • Can be crumpled to provide cushioning for shipping.

Each type of VCI material has its unique benefits. And you don’t need to choose between them. You can use both materials for different metal parts and goods, taking advantage of the cost-efficiency of VCI paper when required and using poly film for lengthy storage of metal goods.

Order VCI Packaging from The Packaging Company!

VCI packaging is handy for keeping your metal items rust-free during shipping and has sustainable benefits. Taking care of your metal items is far easier than removing rust and corrosion after it occurs. Order VCI Packaging from The Packaging Company today!