What Kind Of Paper Are Burgers Wrapped In?

Burgers are a very popular food in North America with over 95,000 million sold in the U.S. annually and 60 billion burgers sold worldwide! Burgers are typically wrapped in paper before they are served to prevent the middle from getting soggy and to protect customers’ hands.

As a fast-food restaurant or a simple take-out burger joint, looking for a cost-effective way to make your burgers without sacrificing quality is important.

There are many different types of papers that can be used for wrapping burgers, including wax food paper, foil food paper, parchment paper and custom greaseproof food paper.


Wax Food Paper

The first type of paper used to wrap burgers was wax food paper, which is still widely used today by major fast-food restaurants and burger chains.

Wax food papers consist of a single layer of either bleached or unbleached coarse kraft paper coated with a blend of paraffin and carnauba wax.

The wax coating helps the paper get soggy from steam and grease, but also prevents the paper from sticking to the burger, ensuring it doesn’t tear when it is removed.


Foil Food Paper

Another popular type of burger wrapper is foil food paper, which has become much more popular in recent years due to increased environmental concerns.

Most aluminum foils are coated with polyethylene, which helps foil food papers cook faster than wax paper and also makes the paper greaseproof so it won’t stick to your burger. In addition, most foil food wrappers are recyclable.

The biggest downside to foil sheeting is that it’s more expensive than wax paper.


Parchment Paper

Parchment food papers are made from unbleached kraft paper that has been wrapped in a layer of bleached kraft paper. The outer layer protects the inner layer from grease and helps keep your burgers from getting soggy.


Custom Greaseproof Food Paper

In addition to providing a barrier against heat and grease, custom greaseproof food papers go a step further by preventing grease from permeating the paper, which can result in less waste and an overall better display for your customers.

Custom greaseproof food papers are made from more durable stocks of paper with added polymer coatings that prevent grease from penetrating the paper and going into your drain system, which will help you avoid costly grease traps and plumbing repairs.


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