When Should You Use Boxes or Envelopes for Packaging?

If you have ever ordered anything online, you know just how exciting it is when you receive your package and are finally able to open it up. You can also imagine the disappointment when a customer opens a package to find a damaged product caused by low-quality packaging or wrongly used materials. These types of mistakes are detrimental to a company’s brand and customer retention which is why The Packaging Company wants to help your business make the right choices when it comes to shipping your products. Deciding between cardboard boxes and envelope mailers can be a tough pick, we want to help you make the right choice that will both protect your products and save you money.

Cardboard Boxes

Boxes have been around for hundreds of years and are still one of the most popular ways to ship products around the world. Boxes are great if you are shipping large items or items that are considered to be more fragile as you can take more precautions and cushion the product accordingly.

There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of boxes available, so how do you know which one to choose for your product? It is important to have the right size so that the product can fit inside and still have enough space to be cushioned for transport. A general guideline is to leave a gap of a couple of inches on all sides of the box, this allows for your product to be snug in the box while still offering 360°protection, be sure to provide extra protection for more delicate items. Some options for lining the inside of your boxes include tissue paper, air pillows, bubble wrap, packing papers, packing peanuts and more. Another great feature of cardboard boxes is that they are recyclable, an important factor for today’s consumers.

Introducing Custom Branded Boxes

Envelopes & Mailers

For smaller, lighter items mailing envelopes are the perfect solution. They come in many different sizes and use an array of materials that offer different levels of protection for the items being shipped. Some of the designs you can get include poly mailers, kraft board mailers, flat mailers, and even glamoured up polyester mailers to help make the consumer experience unique. These mailers can either come plain or padded with bubble wrap to ensure safe arrival of more fragile items. The cost of the mailer itself is not only cheaper but saves you from having to purchase items such as void filler and tape, you also save a significant amount of time packaging the item.

Envelope mailers also save you money on shipping as the packages are more compact for couriers to transport. Choosing the right mailer is important for ensuring your products arrive safely, consider using non padded, weather and tamper proof poly mailers for items such as clothing, linens and other soft materials. Bubble cushioned mailers are perfect for items such as jewelry, CD/DVD’s, calendars, and other items that will benefit from added protection. If your product is small enough to fit in an envelope mailer and can stay protected, it is most often the more cost-effective solution for shipping your items.

Custom Mailers

Customized Options for Your Business

Whether your products are better suited to be shipped in a box or in an envelope mailer, The Packaging Company offers customizable options for all your packaging needs. Take your business up a notch and give your customers an unboxing experience they will be sure to remember. We offer custom boxes, custom tissue paper, custom labels, custom tape, custom mailers and more!

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If you are looking for high quality shipping materials such as cardboard boxes, envelope mailers and custom packaging solutions for your business, The Packaging Company can help. We have a wide selection of packaging materials that are sure to fit your needs, keep your product safe and keep your customers satisfied. Browse our catalogue of mailers and shipping boxes today!