In the packaging world, tape is often viewed merely as a packaging supply used for closing boxes. But, there’s so much more to tape than that. There’s so many different types, each with their own looks, features and unique uses. Let’s examine a variety of tapes and their benefits—and exactly where to buy packing tape in our Tape category.

Carton Sealing Tape

For anyone who simply needs to keep a corrugated box closed, carton sealing tapes have been an effective option for decades. Consisting of a liner and adhesive coating, they come in a variety of strengths, colours and sizes (carton sealing tape is an umbrella term used to refer to any packing tape that can close a shipping carton). For most everyday shipping needs, carton sealing tapes are all your business needs to keep packages closed (and add strength to containers).

Cold Temperature Tape

Standard carton sealing tape can lose adhesion in lower temperatures. If you’re shipping packages through colder climates, cold temperature tape will help keep them closed reliably and securely. Its adhesive is specially formulated to maintain stickiness when temperatures start to drop (or when a shipping box itself is on the cooler side). And sealing those cold shipments properly is paramount to preserving their contents—we suggest using a combination of cold temperature tape and the H-tape method to help protect what’s inside.

High Temperature Tape

No tape beats the heat like high temperature tape. Rare in application—but essential for certain products—high temperature tape can withstand temperatures that would cause other tapes to quickly melt. With various electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical applications, it’s an essential supply for anyone in the electronic or automotive industries. Depending on a project’s specific needs, high temperature tape is available as rolls, disks and glass cloth.

Masking Tape

If you’re in the middle of a creative project, having plenty of masking tape on-hand is essential for success. Also known as painter’s tape, it comes in a variety of types and uses—for example, double sided masking tape has the unique ability to bring two materials together, often replacing the need for glue. However, all masking tapes share the same purpose: they’re easy to apply to almost anything, and can be removed with minimal residue. For those creative projects of yours, they’re also available in many cool and appealing colours.

Kraft Water Activated Tape

Looking for a step up from carton sealing tape? Water activated tape is a stellar option. Once wet, it bonds directly to its shipping container, making it great at preventing would-be thieves. Not only is it tamper-evident (it’ll rip out box fibers if removed), its’s also tamper-resistant (requiring a sharp object to cut it). Trusted by some of the biggest names in the online shopping world, water activated tape is perfect for providing extra protection and security.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a handyman’s best friend, usable in both temporary and permanent repairs. It’s one of the most versatile products on the market today, and its durability, sticking power and ability to seal out dirt and dust is nearly unmatched. If your business has warehouses or production facilities of its own, keeping duct tape on hand is essential for everything from repairs and maintenance, to product development, to temporarily bundling loose items.

Electrical Tape

This stuff’s key to keeping handymen and electricians safe when working with electrical equipment. Usable on wiring, cabling and components, it can take part in splicing, jacketing and repair projects. When choosing the best electrical tape for your situation, you’ll want to determine 3 things. How much voltage you’re working with (every tape handles differing levels), what colours you’ll want for labelling wires, and just how much tape you’ll need to get the job done.

Safety Tape

We all like to feel safe and secure. Safety tape is an efficient and economical way to eliminate or reduce the chance of workplace injuries. Anti-slip tapes provide extra grip in slippery or high-traffic areas, while vinyl tape is great at marking off locations and alerting people to potential dangers. Safety tape is the kind of investment that helps businesses prevent costs related to workplace injuries.

Custom Packing Tape

Everyone loves custom packaging, and using custom tape really adds to a customer’s unboxing experience. It lets you create memorable branding, celebrate seasons or events, and even send some love to your customers. Be sure to try our free online packaging designer—it makes custom packing tape an easy-to-design, cost-effective and unique addition to your packaging.

As you can see, tape is used for so much more than just sealing boxes. And, choosing the tape that’s right for your needs can feel a little overwhelming. But now we’re sure you’ve got what you need to get your project on the right track. That’s why we’re around. Figuring out where to buy packing tape is easy when you shop with us here at The Packaging Company.