When it comes to shipping packaging, mailers are the darling of the e-commerce world. They’re protective, they take up less space, and they cost less to ship. But, when it comes to custom branded packaging, they’re often passed over in favor of corrugated boxes. That’s a shame, because designer poly mailers are a great mix of branded and shipping packaging, especially when used with the right products. Let’s check out why they might work for your packaging strategy.

Where’s the best place to buy designer poly mailers?

Right here at The Packaging Company in our Custom Shop. Next question!

Why buy custom poly mailers at The Packaging Company?

Here’s why you should buy designer poly mailers:

  • 3 poly mailer sizes that cover most shipping needs: 7.5×10.5”, 10×13”, 14.5×19”
  • Full color digital printing is fast and economical without sacrificing quality
  • Low order minimums are great for short-run holiday or sales packaging
  • Free easy-to-use online poly mailer designer lets you create the look you want

What fits in custom poly mailers?

Generally, poly mailers are great for shipping anything that doesn’t require any extra padding or protection. That means pre-boxed products like shoes or jewelry, and soft items like socks, sweaters and jeans. You can protect products with bubble wrap if you want, but then you’re better off using poly bubble mailers instead.

Poly mailers are made from polyethylene, a material that’s tear- and puncture-resistant and strong enough to stand up to regular shipping stresses. A bunch of sweaters in a large poly mailer basically provide their own cushioning, and the poly mailer protects them from puncture damage.

Read our What Fits in Your Custom Poly Mailers? blog for a little more detail.

What can you do with the online poly mailer designer?

You can design fabulous-looking designer poly mailers, that’s what!

There’s no need to recruit a graphic designer, or purchase expensive design programs, thanks to our do-it-yourself online packaging designers. You get to control all aspects of your custom poly mailer’s design with a suite of easy-to-use tools, including:

  • Size & Quantity
  • Background Color
  • Stock Artwork categories such as Sports, Cats & Christmas
  • Upload Artwork like your own logo, pictures and other graphics
  • Text options such as font, size, justification—even leading and tracking

You’ll also see how buying more poly mailers at once can save you money.

Are poly mailers eco-friendly?

Our poly mailers are made with 100% polyethylene material. That’s a safe form of plastic and is recyclable—even with printing on them. Once your customers receive their order, the custom poly mailer can go right into the recycling bin.

They’re protective, they’re space-saving, and they’re cost-effective. Paired with custom printing, and created using our free online packaging design tool, poly mailers are a great addition to your packaging strategy. We think you’ll agree, The Packaging Company is the place to buy designer poly mailers.