One of the best things about packaging is that you’ve got options. You’re rarely ever limited to one type of packaging material for your project. But even with all those choices, some packaging supplies are like the cream in your coffee—always rising to the top. Courier packaging bags are like that.

With a lengthy list of features, options and advantages, they’ve become the go-to shipping mailers for plenty of online stores that sell clothing, jewelry, artwork and more.

Ever wondered why courier packaging bags (also known as courier bags and poly mailers) are so popular? Let’s look at why.

Courier packaging bags are a great alternative to boxes

Some things don’t always have to ship in a corrugated box. Soft items like clothing essentially have their own ready-to-go cushioning, while already-boxed items like jewelry have the built-in protection they need. That’s where courier packaging bags come in.

They’re the ideal shipping container of choice when you don’t need a box. Provided you’re shipping the right items (like what’s already been mentioned), you don’t need to include protective void fill. You can still use it, of course—but in that case, you might want to consider bubble poly mailers (courier bags lined with bubble cushion) instead.

Courier bags are made from strong polyethylene material. This makes them resistant to puncturing, tearing, tampering and moisture. You can see why they’re such a well-liked shipping option.

Courier packaging bags come in lots of styles

Like many packaging supplies, courier bags offer several useful variations:

Courier packaging bags are easy to pack and seal

Sealed on three sides, courier bags have one open side that products can be quickly and easily loaded into. Thanks to their strong and tensile polyethylene material, courier bags can be packed full (even overpacked) and remain intact.

Best of all, unlike corrugated boxes, there’s no need for packing tape with courier bags. Each mailer comes with a self-seal adhesive strip. You simply peel the liner off, fold over the flap and press it against the mailer to create a secure closure.

Some courier packaging bags come with a tear strip, allowing customers to easily open the packaging without having to tear or cut it open. And newer options even have a second self-seal strip that lets customers use the courier bag for return shipping.

Courier packaging bags reduce shipping costs

The advent of dimensional weight shipping charges has changed how your shipping costs are determined. DIM weight takes the length, width and height of a package and creates an estimated weight it should be carrying. You’ll then be charged for whichever is greater: the dimensional weight of the package or its actual weight.

That makes choosing the right shipping container extremely important. If you use oversized packaging on an undersized product, you’re going to take a monetary hit. That’s why courier packaging bags are such a cost-effective alternative to boxes.

They take up less space (their volumetric footprint is smaller) and make you less likely to ship large or heavy items in them. Because of this, they tend to not trigger the dimensional weight overcharges that boxes can. Man, the advantages of these guys just keeps piling up, huh?

Courier packaging bags can be printed on

One of the best parts about digital printing is that it’s put the world of custom packaging within reach of pretty much every business out there. Lower costs and lower order minimums let even the smallest businesses create branded packaging for their customer orders.

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It’s easy to see why courier packaging bags are so popular. With so many built-in features and style options, you’re bound to find one that fits your shipping needs. Be sure to stop by our mailers category and explore the poly mailers section. We’d love to hear what you end up choosing.