In recent years, paper tape has been on the rise. After nearly a century of plastic (specifically cellophane) tape being the industry standard, there is finally a reliable alternative. But, the question remains, why should you consider using it? There are many reasons why you should consider paper tape. Before we get into the reasons, let’s examine what paper tape is.

What Is Paper Tape?

Paper tape is exactly what you’d imagine it to be; it is tape that is made of paper. Often referred to as kraft tape, paper tape is a high-strength, easily recyclable alternative to cellophane and is getting used more frequently throughout the packaging industry. It is made of 100% paper that uses natural (typically starch-based) adhesives.

How Does Paper Tape Work/How Do I Use Paper Tape?

Paper tape uses a water-activated adhesive. Simply cut the size of tape you need, moisten one side of the strip, and stick it down to the required surface. While having many uses, such as painting and drywalling, paper tape melds easily to boxes, making it an ideal packaging solution.

Paper Tape vs. Plastic Tape

Rolls of paper tape tend to be wider than their plastic counterparts, thus requiring fewer strips for wide surfaces. Additionally, they have varying strengths, represented in different grades to be used in tandem with the weight of your package. This is because they reinforce the packages as opposed to plastic tapes which generally just hold the sides together.

It is worth noting that the main drawback of paper tape is that it’s generally a little more expensive than plastic tape. With that being said, paper tape often more than makes up for the extra price tag with its numerous benefits.

The Benefits Of Using Paper Tape

Here are just a few reasons why paper tape is superior to other types of tape:

  • It’s Wider: As mentioned earlier, paper tape is often much wider than other types of tape, making it ideal for sealing and reinforcing thicker surfaces.
  • It’s Stronger: Due to the water-activation, paper tape is a much stronger adhesive which becomes one with cardboard surfaces, sealing quickly and easily with minimal pressure.
  • Security: In addition to being stronger and harder to remove, the additional adhesive properties of paper tape make it obvious when it has been removed; this, in turn, makes it easier to detect when there’s been a breach of security amongst your packages.
  • It’s Efficient: Unlike plastic tape which must be fully removed for the cardboard to be recycled, paper tape doesn’t need to be separated and can be treated as part of the package for any disposal process.
  • It’s Economical: The efficiency of disposing paper tape will likely save you money in the long run. Additionally, being 100% recyclable means paper tape is eco-friendly and sustainable, which helps to promote green initiatives.

What Should I Be Looking For When Selecting A High-Quality Paper Tape?

When searching for high-quality paper tape, the first factor you should keep in mind is the supplier. Buying from a reliable supplier will not only ensure you receive the high-quality tape you pay for, but it will also ensure easy repeat purchases.

More product-related factors to keep in mind include the grade of the tape and the dimensions. The grade will determine how heavy of a package you can seal with it, which is often specified in the tape’s product description. The dimensions, however, will let you know how much tape you’re getting along with the thickness, as thicker rolls may be needed for certain packaging.

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