Why You Should Refrain From Overpackaging

Of course, elaborate packaging can be exciting, but have you ever thought about how much packaging is too much? You might not think that overpackaging can be detrimental to your e-commerce company. The truth is that overpackaging can have serious implications for your company and the environment.

In today’s world, where we all need to do our bit to find better ways of helping the planet, it’s integral for e-commerce business owners to think about how their overpackaging can contribute to more single-use plastic wastage.

In this blog, we explain what overpackaging is, its impacts, and how you can avoid it with the help of The Packaging Company.

What Is Overpackaging Your Packaging Supplies

Before we get into the specifics, let’s discuss what overpackaging is. Overpackaging refers to the use of excess materials during your shipping process. Excess packaging can refer to any type of product packaging, such as food, electronics, and household items.

In essence, it refers to anything that uses more material than is required for its intended use. Although it may be necessary to use excess packaging to keep your packages safe, it’s imperative to assess what is necessary to avoid overpackaging.

Overpackaging can include:

  • Using multiple layers of packaging.
  • Excessively large containers.
  • Adding unnecessary features or accessories to a product consistently.

Excessive leftover materials waste raw materials, money, and effort.

What Are the Impacts of Overpackaging?

Here are some of the most prominent effects of overpackaging:

Environmental Impact

One of the main concerns with overpackaging is the impact it has on the environment. This is particularly concerning if you use single-use plastic materials, non-recyclable bubble wrap, or polystyrene packing peanuts.

Typically, this excess packaging ends up in landfills, which take decades to decompose, harming animal and plant species as well as ecosystems by producing toxic bi-products during decomposition. In some scenarios, this excess packaging can find its way into waterways and seas, contributing to the breakdown of our environment.

Overpackaging also results in the consumption of more resources, such as energy and raw materials. The production of packaging materials requires significant amounts of energy and water, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and water use.

Reducing your packaging usage can help you conserve natural resources for the wider community and help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Overpackaging also increases costs for both you and your suppliers. Increased demand for excess materials will drive up the cost for almost everything involved in your packaging supplies and shipping process.

The cost of materials, production, and transportation all add up and may result in higher prices, giving you less money to put toward other business development opportunities. Additionally, increased packaging wastage will increase demand for waste management, incurring more costs for local communities to cover this.

By reducing your packaging usage, you can save costs for you, the supplier, and the local community. Reducing packaging can result in cost savings for manufacturers and consumers. Using fewer packaging means suppliers reduce their spending on raw materials to manufacture goods, lowering overall purchase prices and benefitting you and your e-commerce business.

Brand Perception

If you have particularly eco-conscious customers or customers who value minimal packaging, you could harm customer loyalty by overpackaging. When you over package your products, you may give your customers the impression that you’re wasteful with little regard for the environment.

This may force them to look elsewhere for their products. Additionally, using excess packaging can make the customer’s opening experience cumbersome and inaccessible for anyone with mobility problems.

How To Avoid Overpackaging

Now that you understand the dangers of overpackaging, here are some of the best ways you can avoid overpackaging:

  • Use recycled materials: One of the most effective ways to reduce reliance on single-use, wasteful packaging is to use materials made from recycled goods. At The Packaging Company, you’ll find various protective packaging supplies made from recycled, compostable materials, like our paper Kraft crinkle filler made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Find the right-sized packaging: Finding the right-sized packaging is an excellent way to reduce packaging wastage. Try to use boxes or mailers that are big enough for the item but aren’t wasteful. This not only reduces single-use waste but will also stop your items from freely moving around within your packages and getting damaged.
  • Use biodegradable materials: Using biodegradable packaging ensures that your packaging won’t contribute to the build-up of waste that takes many decades to break down and doesn’t pollute the Earth with toxic by-products. You can find biodegradable protective alternatives at The Packaging Company, such as our PAPERbubble┬«.
  • Include recycling notices on your packaging: You can decrease the amount of packaging that ends up in landfill by encouraging your customers to recycle your packaging if it’s eligible. Some customers may be more inclined to toss their packaging in the trash if they’re unaware it’s recyclable, so use labels to clarify this!
  • Use custom packaging solutions: A Custom packaging solution relieves any wastage involved in your packaging processes, as you’ll only be using materials sized and designed specifically for your items. Not only does this reduce excessive packaging, but applying custom packaging solutions can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, transforming their opening experience.

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