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Bubble Mailers

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There are some things that can be slipped into any manila envelope and dropped in a mailbox, and there are some things that need more attention. Investing in bubble padded envelopes makes a lot of sense, especially when you’re sending valuable or important items.

Old Printed Materials

Collecting vintage magazines is a national sensation—one look at an online auction site’s listings will prove it. Printed materials that shouldn’t be damaged by bending or similar actions will be adequately protected in bubble envelopes. Their design not only prevents damage from the outside, but their non-slip properties inside also mean less shifting for that vintage magazine on its way to a collector.

Restored Photographs

If restoring photographs is one of the services your business offers, you know what it takes to get the finished product to your client. Extra care needs to be taken with the packaging, and bubble wrap envelopes do the job nicely. A layer of padding protects surfaces and keeps the envelope rigid enough to ensure its contents aren’t damaged in transit.

Hard Drives

Does your company sell new or refurbished hard drives to its customers? Using bubble mailing envelopes can provide the ideal shipping solution. The envelope is light enough to avoid excess shipping costs, while the cushioning will protect the drive from harm all the way to your client’s doorstep.

Flash or USB Drives

The same protection can be provided for equipment like flash or USB drives. Since bubble shipping envelopes come in multiple sizes, it won’t be hard to find one that’s a match—for one drive, or a dozen!

Bubble mailers can fit perfectly into your business model’s shipping needs. When you’re supplied by The Packaging Company, you’ll save money, protect the things you ship and keep your customers happy.