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Does your business often respond to a request for proposal (RFP) in hopes of landing new accounts? It’s a common practice, and a solid way for your firm to grow its business. But once you’ve spent all that time and effort crafting the ideal document, you’ll want it to arrive in perfect condition. That’s why kraft bubble envelopes are the only way to go.

The design of kraft bubble mailers decreases the chances of your proposal suffering damage on its way to your prospective client. Any worries you have about folding, creasing and other issues can be laid to rest. The structure of the padded envelope protects the document and any professional or decorative cover you’re using.

Are you running direct mail campaigns? Using kraft bubble mailers and padded envelopes can protect the larger mailing pieces you’re using. The last thing you need is for your finished product to arrive looking like it was pulled from the back of a supply closet. When a recipient opens their package, its contents should look as if they’d just come from a professional printer.

Put kraft mailers to good use in your business routine. Here at The Packaging Company, we know we’ve got the ideal size and style you’ll need.