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Not all electronics or electronic components require cardboard shipping containers to reach their destinations. Quite often, a simple poly mailer will do the job nicely. These mailers, from their size to their construction, provide quite a few benefits for the shipper and the receiver.

Choice is an important thing, and you’ll have plenty of that when it comes to selecting the size of your poly mailers. Whether you’re shipping a single SD card to a customer or looking to expedite the shipping of a replacement smartphone, mailers are the perfect type of packaging to do it in. Even if you’re sending out a larger item that come in its own packaging, it can easily be slipped into a larger mailer and be on its way in no time.

Size isn’t the only advantage to using poly bubble mailers. The added protection they afford your shipments plays a major role. No one wants to receive electronics that have been damaged in transit, and the quality of their padding helps to minimize the risk. Everything from an iPod or a flash drive, to a heavy book, will get there safely.

Take a look at what The Packaging Company has to offer. With our range of standard and custom poly mailers, you’ll be ready to ship out any order your customers can place.