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Image SKU Type Dimensions Mil Thickness Unit of Measure Price Add to Cart
Poly Tubing, 26" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7711 Standard 26" x 1075' 4 RL
Ships by truck
Poly Tubing, 26" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7634 Standard 26" x 2150' 2 RL
Poly Tubing, 28" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7703 Standard 28" x 1075' 4 RL
Poly Tubing, 28" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7639 Standard 28" x 2150' 2 RL
Heavy-Duty Poly Tubing, 30" x 725', 6 Mil C-7678 Heavy-Duty 30" x 725' 6 RL
Poly Tubing, 30" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7704 Standard 30" x 1075' 4 RL
Poly Tubing, 30" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7636 Standard 30" x 2150' 2 RL
Poly Tubing, 32" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7705 Standard 32" x 1075' 4 RL
Poly Tubing, 32" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7635 Standard 32" x 2150' 2 RL
Heavy-Duty Poly Tubing, 36" x 725', 6 Mil C-7679 Heavy-Duty 36" x 725' 6 RL
Poly Tubing, 36" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7715 Standard 36" x 1075' 4 RL
Poly Tubing, 36" x 1450', 3 Mil C-7659 Standard 36" x 1450' 3 RL
Poly Tubing, 36" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7637 Standard 36" x 2150' 2 RL
Poly Tubing, 40" x 2150', 2 Mil C-7638 Standard 40" x 2150' 2 RL
Poly Tubing, 48" x 1075', 4 Mil C-7714 Standard 48" x 1075' 4 RL

Poly tubing is widely used to protect and store oddly-shaped or large items. The design of this product makes it easy to cut custom-sized bags for just about any application. This eliminates the need to stock bags of many different sizes. You won’t need to fill your stock room with several different bags and then search through them all for the right size. Instead, you can have plastic tubing available when you need it for just about every application you can think of.
We stock black plastic for light-sensitive products, anti-static options for electronics, medical devices, and other sensitive items, and heavy-duty options for the biggest and most serious jobs. Plus, our standard options are great for just about anything you can think of! Just insert the product, cut to the right length, and seal. That’s it! It’s simple to use and incredibly effective. A must have for every warehouse or stock room.

The Packaging Company understands the importance of having high quality packaging and shipping materials at a business. We also know that you don’t want to spend a lot of time finding the right ones and you don’t want them to cost an arm and a leg. That’s where we come in. At the Packaging Company, we have a proven history of offering durable, reliable, and effective shipping and packaging products at reasonable prices.
We work with our customers to help their businesses succeed. If you have any questions about our plastic tubing, poly tubing, or any of our shipping or packaging products, do not hesitate to contact us today. We’re always reachable by phone or email and we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering high-quality customer service to go along with our high-quality products.
Trust the Packaging Company to work with you as a trusted and experienced partner. Take a look at the products we have available or contact us today.