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Rust Prevention


Rust. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

ARMOR VCI Packaging should be a priority when shipping metal products, as humidity and contaminants can lead to corrosion, rust, and damage during transit. Embedded with volatile corrosion inhibitors and designed to protect metal parts, they’re available in useful materials including VCI paper and poly VCI bags. ARMOR VCI Packaging covers or seals off sensitive areas so you can ship metal parts without the need for grease. And they still protect your products from everyday factors like dirt, dust, and moisture.

Nobody’s a fan of rust. Using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor products from The Packaging Company today will ensure seamless metal shipping processes and save you from headaches tomorrow.

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  1. ARMOR WRAP® Rust Preventative Paper Sheets, 36 x 36"

    1000 Sheets per Pack Learn More

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ARMOR VCI Packaging Bags

Innovative packaging solutions help ensure your products make it to your customers without damage or contamination. ARMOR VCI Packaging bags create a barrier that reduces contamination, rust, and the potential for corrosion of your metal products. VCI bags provide a thin, invisible barrier around your metal products, ensuring there’s no rust or corrosion during shipment. Oxygen, water, and other contaminants all present a risk to your product’s integrity without the use of VCI bags. The Packaging Company offers various sizes of flat and gusseted VCI packaging bags to suit your unique needs. For oversized items, consider using VCI sheets as these will easily wrap around the shape of your products to provide a protective barrier.

Armor VCI Packing Supplies

The Packaging Company is a leading North American shipping supplies provider, offering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to help you upgrade your shipping strategy. Explore our collection of ARMOR VCI packing supplies and order online.