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Foam Emitters
ARMOR VCI foam emitters help to keep your metal products in mint condition during transit - providing more guarantee for customer satisfaction. The Packaging Company offers VCI anti-corrosion emitters in all sizes to suit your shipping strategy.

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Anti-Corrosion Emitters

When you ship metal products, it’s important to prevent corrosion. Oxygen, contaminants, and humidity in the air can lead to corrosion and product degradation. You can create a protective barrier around your products with anti-corrosion emitters to prevent corrosion. We offer a wide selection of anti-corrosion emitters, available for bulk orders, to help you perfect your shipping strategy. Our foam pads easily slot inside your package to provide complete protection and ensure your metal products make it to your customers in top condition. Corroded products can lead to poor reviews for your business, product returns, and decreased customer loyalty. The Packaging Company provides solutions to help you ensure customer satisfaction with a solid shipping strategy - helping you grow your business and create a positive impression of your brand.