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You can create your custom tissue using a desktop!

With all the talk of custom packaging going on, boxes tend to get the bulk of attention. But, what about once a customer opens that box up? If all that’s waiting for them is their purchase, well that’s a good thing, of course, but it’s also a missed opportunity. Using custom and attractive packaging options inside the box is yet another chance to reinforce your branding, and make your customers feel special and appreciated. It may add only seconds to their unboxing experience, or even entire minutes if they’re that taken by your packaging choices. But it shows that you’re paying attention, that you’re grateful for the time they’re spending with you. And we think custom tissue paper is a great way to do that.

It’s a luxurious format of packaging, and one that doesn’t have to break the bank, as they say. It’s soft, smooth and awesome to touch. It makes a great sound during unwrapping, a tactile and attractive crinkling and rustling. Like it’s heralding the arrival of a fantastic item, which it totally is. Your customers won’t be able to help themselves, diving right in with their hands, unfolding and moving aside entire sheets of eye-pleasing designs and patterns. All it takes is your logo and a couple of colors, and that soft tissue paper becomes yours, gorgeous and affecting. Your customers will never forget the sight.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your use of the tissue, either. Sure, you can line a box with it and fold it over, concealing the items inside. You can also wrap a customer’s purchase in it, sealed with a piece of clear tape or a printed sticker. And if you’re a fan of placing purchases in bags or deep containers, we say be random and artful. Crumple it up, fold it in unexpected ways, fill a box like it’s a celebration of what’s inside. Your customer will never forget. Trust us on that. Showcase your brand in the ways it deserves, with custom tissue paper from The Packaging Company.