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Image SKU Type Color Dimensions Qty Per Case Unit of Measure Price Add to Cart
18 x 23" Kraft Jumbo Envelopes E-5458 Jumbo Kraft 18 x 23" 1 CS
22 x 27" Kraft Jumbo Envelopes E-5460 Jumbo Kraft 22 x 27" 1 CS
22 x 27" White Jumbo Envelopes E-5485 Jumbo White 22 x 27" 1 CS
24 x 30" Kraft Jumbo Envelopes E-5461 Jumbo Kraft 24 x 30" 1 CS
24 x 36" Kraft Jumbo Envelopes E-5465 Jumbo Kraft 24 x 36" 1 CS

Not everything you handle needs a box or a mailer. Sometimes what you really need are quality paper envelopes to handle your projects. Are you simply filing paperwork away, but looking to keep it grouped for easy retrieval? There’s an envelope for that. Are you carrying around documents and files that you should probably shelter from prying eyes? There’s one for that, too. Or, are you mailing sensitive documents to a contact in another office or city? It shouldn’t surprise you to know there’s shipping envelopes for that too. You’ll even find a paper envelope or two for keeping coins organized and easy to carry. Hey, have you ever thought about the fact that we’re all using paper to protect and ship paper?
Most of these mailers are meant for everyday use. That means shipping around letters, records, photographs, paperwork and other literature—in a safe and secure way, of course. You’ll want to ensure the type of envelope you choose reflects what you’re carrying around and who it’s meant for. Kraft or gummed styles are great for simply filing things away, or for mailing regular paperwork. Inter-departmental or clasp style are great for handing off documents to co-workers or company reps without anyone else being able to see what’s inside. Expandable shipping envelopes let you mail out bigger, heavier things like catalogues or magazines.
These mailers are constructed of high-quality paper stock. The paper’s opaque to prevent prying eyes from getting their fill, with secure adhesive strips or hand-operated manual closures. Even if your documents suddenly sprouted legs, it’s pretty safe to say that they’re not going anywhere. Many styles give you colors to choose from, or pre-printed areas that you can write on for easy note-taking or record-keeping. You’ll find the paper envelopes your documents and other paperwork deserves right here at The Packaging Company.