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FritzTM Water Vest donation goal


Contribution goal


  • Holds 10 liters of water when full
  • Ergonomic design distributes water weight evenly for easy carry
  • Tough materials for maximum durability
  • Threaded cap for easy filling and dispensing
  • One size fits all for men, women, and children
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You can help make a difference.

When you buy anything from The Packaging Company, you're helping provide FritzTM Water Vests to those who need them most.

Using packaging technology to help those in disaster zones or impoverished areas, the FritzTM Water Vest lets people carry water safely and hygienically, without straining the body.

Water is vital for life. Unfortunately, in many places around the globe, it's not always nearby. Children and adults have to walk long distances for access to clean water, collect it using whatever container they can find, and carry heavy loads over large distances.

The FritzTM Water Vest allows people to carry water in an easier, safer and cleaner way.

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I'm very thankful for the efforts of The Packaging Company. Their commitment to the Fritz WaterTM Vest helps us improve people's access to water in all areas of our world.

Dr. Fritz J. Yambrach, Inventor of the Fritz™ Water Vest and Director of Packaging at San Jose State University

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