As a company selling metal products, one of the last things you need is to find that rust has begun to damage their surfaces. The next stage is corrosion, which can have serious consequences for the quality of the products. If you want to prevent rust, you will need powerful rust-prevention packaging. One option, Armor Protective Packaging®, can eliminate the chances of rust occurring.

You might need to know how to put a stop to costly rust-related damage to metal products using ARMOR VCI packaging supplies. The good news is that the answer is less complex than you think. Read on to learn how to prevent rust with ARMOR VCI packaging and satisfy customers with excellent products.

How Does Rust Occur and Why is it a Problem?

Rust occurs when moisture and oxygen surround metal products for long periods. The oxidation process happens when these elements react with the metal. Since it’s a costly problem, it can add to your company’s expenses. Beyond this, it can disappoint your customers since the product’s quality is compromised.

4 Ways to Prevent Rust Forming on Metal Products

You’ll want to keep metal products rust-free to avoid unnecessary expenses and customer dissatisfaction. Luckily, there are four ways to prevent rust from forming on metal products. These are the scientifically proven methods you can use.

Apply a Coating

When you apply a coating to metal products, such as alloys, you introduce a rust-resistant barrier. The barrier or coating will block the moisture and oxygen from landing on or surrounding the metal product. It acts as a shield and puts a stop to rust.

Alternatively, you may apply oil coating to eliminate the likelihood of oxidation turning into corrosion. It works in a similar way, inhibiting any moisture and ensuring the iron doesn’t react to it.

Keep Products Dry

To keep rust at bay, you will need to keep products dry. You might want to constantly dry the metal parts when you notice moisture buildup. However, this process can be time-consuming.

Instead, you may consider using a sealed material barrier, such as ARMOR VCI products. This prevents moisture from accumulating on the surfaces.

Store Products Correctly

If you store products correctly, you can limit moisture accumulation. The best method to store them well is to select a location with low moisture or humidity regulating tools. You might want to go further and use desiccants with drying agents to double up on effective storage methods.

Use Rust Converters

You can use rust converters to treat rust that already exists on your products. The science behind these converters is a chemical conversion process. It causes the rust to convert into compounds that are stable.

Some rust converters contain tannic acid, a barrier that works for rust removal. You apply the converter to the ferrous metal, let it dry, and add a layer of sealant, which helps with corrosion protection.

Corrosion Prevention Packaging Products

If you’ve ever seen the effects of rust and corrosion, you’ll know they can cause frustrating problems. However, there are plenty of packaging solutions that can keep those metal surfaces in an excellent state. Check the range of recommended volatile corrosion inhibitor solutions below to prevent corrosion.

ARMOR VCI Paper Sheets

ARMOR VCI paper sheets are excellent rust-prevention solutions. They feature vapor corrosion inhibitors combined with kraft paper with a neutral pH. This packaging material works for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and the hard work of cutting the sheets to size has been done for you.

In terms of vapor corrosion inhibitors, there is a scientific explanation for how this solution works. You wrap the ARMOR VCI paper sheets around each metal part or product before placing them in enclosed shipping boxes.

The vapor corrosion inhibitors work in a chemical, molecular way. The molecules, made of amines and esters, are released in a controlled stream. They surround and settle on the metal surface to create a layer that is rust-resistant and repellant.

This solution employs many of the rust-resistant strategies that work to keep metal products pristine. Since you will wrap them in paper and store them in shipping boxes, the method works to keep the products dry, eliminating the need to dry the products constantly.


ARMOR POLY® flat bags are superior rust and corrosion packaging options. They are made of polyethene film and also feature vapor corrosion inhibitors. This packaging material is naturally dry, meaning less moisture will transfer to your metal products from the packaging.

The practical application of these bags is simple. You can put the metal product into the bag through the open top. It’s then possible to heat seal the opening or tape it for extra moisture protection. While the polyethylene creates a shield against dust and moisture, the corrosion inhibitor molecules attract to the surface of the metal, protecting the metal with a layer.

This packaging utilizes key corrosion-repellant methods to keep your products in an excellent state. You can use robust sealing methods before storing the product. It also means you will not need to use a metal painting method. The vapor corrosion inhibitors will keep rust at bay within the bag.

You can find custom ARMOR POLY® bags that will work with various product sizes. While some may be flat bags, others may feature a zip seal.

ARMOR POLY® Stretch Film

ARMOR POLY® stretch film is made of polyethylene film with vapor corrosion inhibitors. This solution is more elastic than the ARMOR VCI paper sheets but works similarly to the ARMOR POLY® flat bags.

In terms of the practical application, you wrap the stretch film around the metal products. The physical plastic barrier provides one layer of moisture and dust protection. At the same time, the VCI inhibitors work to minimize corrosion further. The molecular barrier can be flexibly wrapped so it covers all areas of the metal product.

Armor Up with ARMOR VCI Packaging from The Packaging Company

Your metal products need to dazzle and impress paying customers, so keeping rust away from shiny surfaces is crucial. ARMOR VCI packaging is a reliable solution that is low-cost and effective at mitigating rust. It’s the superior method for preventing it from turning into corrosion.

Armor up with ARMOR VCI packaging from The Packaging Company. Choose scientifically proven packaging that halts rust in its tracks and helps you deliver the best quality products to clients.