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There’s a lot to know when it comes to the world of packaging materials. What’s the difference between corrugate and cardboard? Shrink wrap and stretch wrap? What’s void fill and how do you choose the right one? Should you be thinking about using e-commerce boxes?

Click on any term below to learn a whole lot more. And if there’s any packaging material not listed here that you think would fit in well, please let us know.


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  • Boxes
    Want to learn a whole lot more about boxes? Our corrugated article has all the info you'll need.
  • Bubble
    Plastic sheeting full of air-filled cells that wraps around and cushions objects during shipping.
  • Cardboard
    A thick paper stock used for creating attractive packaging and its internal components.
  • Corrugate
    A layering technique that reinforces boxes and makes them stronger for shipping and storage.
  • E-Commerce Boxes
    The perfect blend of shipping strength and attractive packaging in one box.
  • First Aid
    The emergency care given to an injured person before reaching proper medical help.
  • Foam
    A versatile packaging material used to pad and protect items during shipping.
  • Mailers
    Protective packaging used to ship smaller or individual items.
  • Poly Bags
    Plastic bags ideal for storing and shipping small and loose items.
  • Tags and Labels
    Easily identify and organize products, shipments and documents.
  • Tape
    Securely seals boxes, containers and surfaces to protect them from damage and tampering.
  • Void Fill
    A group of packaging materials used to fill up the empty spaces in boxes and containers.