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E-Commerce Boxes are the perfect blend of shipping strength and attractive packaging in one container.

E-Commerce Boxes: The Basics

E-commerce sales are soaring and they aren’t going to stop. More people are buying online than ever before, which means first impressions matter more than ever before. So what makes that first impression better than anything else? E-commerce boxes.

Gone are the days of waiting for a brown box covered in too much tape to show at the door. Today’s shipping boxes need to be part of the product experience. They’re both shipping box and product packaging, and have to be just as attractive as the product itself.

That’s where the new wave of e-commerce boxes come in. They’re still made of corrugate, but now they come in clean white, sleek black, and any color in-between. They can be pre-printed for easy branding and many are built to fold in on themselves.

Avoid ugly tape and labeling jobs. Think about adding e-commerce boxes to your product packaging.

E-Commerce Boxes: How to Choose

Choosing the right e-commerce box is like choosing the right void fill. It’s all about deciding what’s best for your product’s needs. But instead of just thinking about protection, it’s about presentation too.

If you’re a chocolatier, you’ll want that box to look like a gift that’s ready to be unwrapped and worshipped. Selling boots? That box should open up like a car hood, showing off what’s inside to jealous onlookers.

The options are high and wide like the sky. Brighten your customer’s day with the right e-commerce box.

E-Commerce Boxes: Nothing but Options

Carrying Cases are like corrugated briefcases. They’re perfect for shipping flat items like pictures, CDs and books.

Colors of all kinds catch the eye and brand a box in seconds. Think about using inside colors to create an impactful unboxing experience.

Custom Printed Mailers can feature artwork and colors to create an attractive mailer your customer won’t soon forget.

Die-Cutting means your box takes on any shape you can think up. Takeout containers, origami cartons, parcels that open like books and so much more.

Easy-Fold Mailers are simple and clean shipping boxes. A self-sealing flap and tear-open strip means they nearly ship themselves.

Labels & Tape can be customized for words, logos and colors. Dress up any plain box and make it look like it’s all yours.

Poly Mailers are the new merchandise bag. Simple logos and colors add an extra pop of branding during shipping.

Pre-Printed Mailers stay clean and neat thanks to pre-printed areas perfect for labels or handwriting.

Self-Locking Boxes don’t need tape or glue to seal them. Fold it, pack it and away it goes.

Self-Seal Strips are liners of adhesive that seal a package onto itself. Pull the strip, press it down and it’s good to go.

Standard Kraft Boxes are perfect for branding. A blank brown slate ready for printing, labeling or covering in colored tape.

Tab Closures are an easy and attractive way to keep your packaging closed. Some even have a slot and second tab for extra security.

Tear-Open Strips are an easy and fun way to open a sealed package. A pull strip tears through the corrugate and makes you excited for the goods waiting inside.

Telescoping Boxes are a two-piece box. The bigger half (usually the top) fits over the other half. They make a package feel expensive and worthy of display.

White Kraft Boxes are clean, bright and stand out immediately. They’re perfect to print on and create a great first impression.