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Void Fill is a group of packaging materials used to fill up the empty spaces in boxes and containers.

Void Fill: The Basics

Simply put, void fill packaging fills up the excess space—the void—around a product in a box. This provides adequate cushioning and protection during shipping and storage.

Void Fill: How to Choose

Figure out how fragile your item is, what size box it’s travelling in, and how long it’ll be out on the road exposed to other lesser-protected boxes.

If it’s a toy, packaging peanuts are a fine choice. Toys aren’t too fragile and kids love tossing packaging peanuts. Glassware and delicate items benefit greatly from air pillows. That way they’re protected from sudden movement and kept away from cosmetic damage. And if you’re shipping a vase or multiple items like books, kraft paper adds great surface protection.

There are near-endless uses and combinations of void fill to protect your product. With a little thought you’ll find the right one for you.

Void Fill: Types

Air Pillows are large inflated pouches of air. Think of them as a cousin of bubble cushioning. They’re great for shipping delicate and valuable items. And they’re just as fun to pop!

Bio-Peanuts are part of the new age of void fill. Composed of starch, they’re biodegradable and dissolve in water leaving no toxic waste behind. They’re also static-free.

Bubble is everyone’s favorite. Plastic sheets of air-filled cells are wrapped around a product, protecting it from shock and vibration. Available in rolls, sheets and dispenser cartons.

ExpandOS is made of stiff paperboard with a unique interlocking design. It keeps your products safe and suspended during shipping. And like all our paper products, it’s recyclable and eco-friendly.

Foam is the classic go-to. Wrap it around your products or stuff it into the box to protect everything from shock and vibration. Anti-static is a great choice when you’re shipping electronics.

Instapak Quick RT Foam is perfect for shipping very fragile or oddly-shaped items. Activated by hand, a bag full of compressed foam expands to full size and completely surrounds your product.

Kraft Paper is a multi-use paper that comes in rolls and sheets. Used for wrapping around objects, stuffing into boxes, and even drawing on.

PaperNuts are made from 100% recycled pulp material. An eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam peanuts.

Wonderfill is an inflatable packaging system that can be deflated and re-inflated for future use. This saves you money and reduces waste and carbon footprint.

Void Fill: Words Worth Knowing

Anti-Static is a material’s ability to prevent static build-up. It’s most commonly used to ship electronics.

Cushioning is a material’s ability to help protect items from shock and vibration damage.

Kraft is what liner material is usually made from. Wood fibers are processed into pulp or paperboard, which are turned into boxes, wrapping paper and void fill.

Paper Wadding is the act of crumpling up paper for fill in a box. Kraft paper, newsprint, bubble and foam can all be wadded up.

Void means empty space. You want to fill this in a box while shipping it to reduce the risk of damage.