Balancing Functionality with Environmental Responsibility

Overusing plastics and non-recyclable materials in your shipping strategy will take its toll on the environment. Are you aware of the many eco-friendly packaging options out there?

Staying on top of the latest trends in the packaging industry will help you take accountability for your e-commerce company’s carbon footprint.

Keep reading as we explore the growing connection between packaging and sustainability and how adopting innovation will balance functionality with environmental responsibility.

Why Switch To Sustainable Packaging?

There are two main reasons for switching to sustainable packaging: to reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to customers who are trying to do the same. According to a 2023 survey, over 80% of customers want sustainable packaging options from sellers.

To set your business apart from its competitors and better appeal to your customers, providing sustainable packaging is an attractive solution – minimal investment for increased customer attention.

Sales benefits aside, reducing wasteful practices helps to preserve the planet – and who doesn’t benefit from that?

Why Do Some Companies Avoid Sustainable Packaging?

There are many myths surrounding sustainable packaging that stop companies from making changes. For instance, many believe sustainable packaging is either drab, boring or too expensive.

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be ugly; plenty of customizable and eco-friendly packaging options are available in bold and bright colors.

You won’t need to break the bank for it either. To reduce the environmental impact of packaging, many packaging providers use designs that require fewer raw materials, lowering the cost of production.

What Types of Sustainable Packaging Are There?

Let’s explore some of the types of sustainable packaging you can choose from for your products.

Organic Materials

Did you know you can source packaging materials from fungi, cornstarch, and seaweed? The packaging doesn’t have to just be plastic or paper. Many other sources of materials don’t contribute to carbon emissions and deforestation.

Most organic packaging materials are made using agricultural waste, ground down, and cleaned. Then, it is fused to create the desired shape.

Corn is the least cost-effective organic packaging material, as it is made using food from our leading food group – so keep this in mind when browsing for sustainable packaging options.

Recycled Materials

The source of your packaging materials contributes to their sustainability. Using recycled paper, plastic, and other materials mitigate the amount of wasted materials piling up at landfills.

Recycled materials are sometimes more costly than less sustainable alternatives but won’t be dull or ugly. You wouldn’t know the difference between recycled and non-recycled materials.

Plastic Alternatives

Plastics are more difficult to recycle than any other type of material. Reducing the amount of plastic in your shipping strategy will help make your practices more eco-conscious. Here are some of the top plastic alternatives to consider:

  • Paper Air Pillows – Instead of using bubble wrap to protect your products, which are made from plastic, you can use paper air pillows that provide the same cushioning.
  • Biodegradable Packing Peanuts – Styrofoam isn’t recyclable or degradable and is banned in many countries. Instead, companies favor biodegradable packing peanuts that won’t sit in landfills forever.

Low-Carbon Manufacturing

When thinking about sustainability, it’s essential to think about the whole lifecycle of the product – not just whether it can be recycled or not. Many sustainable packaging providers are reviewing their manufacturing processes, reducing the raw materials required and lowering temperatures required for production. This is the best way to mitigate the harmful effects of plastic use in the manufacturing industry.

Choose The Packaging Company For Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

Running an e-commerce business doesn’t need to contribute to landfills and harm the environment. You can start making better decisions for your company and the planet by raising your awareness of packaging materials and eco-friendly packaging supplies.

Need eco-friendly packaging options for your business? Browse your options at The Packaging Company today!