3 Tips For Improving Recycling Efforts In Your Workplace

The future of the planet depends largely on how we act now. The amount of waste in the landfills can be drastically reduced if we all start recycling.

Using recycle bins for businesses can be one way for you and your crew to start making a positive change for our future generations. Learn more about how one small step can make a big difference.

Why Recycling is Important

Our landfills are overflowing with garbage at an alarming rate. Humans produce approximately 2.7 kg of trash each day in Canada, alone.

Much of the trash we throw away can be recycled, reused, or composted. Yet, without even thinking about reducing the waste we throw it all in the trashcan.

When we recycle, those bottles, cans, and other materials get broken down and turned into new ones instead of sitting in the landfill forever.

1. Educate and Encourage The Employees

Part of the reason that people do not participate in recycling programs is that they do not understand the importance of it or why they should be recycling. By educating your employees we are reminding them that their recycling efforts matter.

While you are on the subject of why recycling is so important, let the employees know which materials can be recycled at your office, and which materials are not recyclable.

Encourage the employees to recycle by having them be a part of the process. Ask them to design fun signs that depict recycling that can be placed by the recycle bins, and hang these recycle stickers around the office.

By encouraging your staff to participate in workplace recycling, they may begin to recycle more at their homes, as well. Their family and friends could take note and create a positive domino effect.

2. Provide Resources For The Employees

If you want your staff to participate in workplace recycling, you must give them the proper tools to do so. Provide conveniently placed recycle bins for them to use.

Where there is a garbage bin in your business, there should also be a recycling station. If the employees have trash bins at their desks or in their offices, give them a small bin for recyclables, too.

The more bins you place around the facility, the fewer excuses they will have for not recycling.

3. Make it Easy For the Employees

Set a good example for your employees by taking the initiative as the facility to go green. What this means is eliminating single-use paper and plastic products as much as possible.

Does your facility have plastic cups at the water dispenser or paper cups in the coffee area? How about plastic utensils and paper plates in the kitchen?

Switch these items out for ceramic, glass, and other washable materials instead of items that get used once and thrown away. Garbage bins for businesses fill up a lot less often when they go green, as well.

Purchasing Recycling Bins For Businesses

Before you purchase recycling bins for your business, find out what your local municipality accepts as recyclables. How many garbage and recycle bins will you need to place throughout your facility?

Improve Your Workplace Recycling Efforts

Making a difference in the world really is as easy as purchasing recycling bins for businesses and educating people on how they can save the planet one recyclable item at a time.

At The Packaging Company, we are committed to creating a sustainable future and if both small and large retailers work together, we can achieve it!

Take the first step today and browse our selection of commercial recycling bins and garbage bins at The Packaging Company.