5 Items Your Janitor Needs for Easy Maintenance

As part of keeping your business and organization running smoothly, janitors serve an essential role for many different reasons. Skilled in tending to equipment and able to handle cleaning and maintenance duties, your janitors make sure everything behind the scenes is working in top form.

Yet sometimes, their ability to do great work can be let down by poor quality equipment and supplies, resulting in them having to work longer and consequently leading to a backlog of issues. In this post, we provide five important items that will support your janitor in their duties with ease.

1. Trash Liners

The importance of trash liners is often understated. Leakages and spills from waste are a bane for many janitors and cleaning staff, leaving unpleasant odors, and sometimes even damaging garbage containers and bins. To save your janitor time from unnecessary cleaning and repair, opt for quality trash liners that do not tear easily and can be securely inserted and removed from garbage bins and containers.

At The Packaging Company, our trash liners balance being lightweight in size and being tough against wear and tear. Available for small or large bulk purchases, browse our catalogue to equip your janitor with the trash liners they can count on to get the job done!

2. Mops

A staple in any janitor or cleaner’s toolkit, mops are there to tend to any unfortunate spillages. They are also relied upon for regular floor cleanings, keeping your property looking presentable for staff and visitors. To ensure a proper cleaning and good mop maintenance, be sure to:

  • Sweep before mopping dry floors.
  • Use warm water, with soap if needed.
  • Rinse your mop with cool water once finished.
  • Hang mops up so they can air dry.

Equipped with tightly twisted natural yarn, our economy mop heads offer maximum cleaning against dust and dirt, all at an excellent price! See our catalog to learn more.

3. Spill Kits

Accidents happen, sometimes even with the proper precautions already in place. As part of any janitor’s hazard management plans, spill kits are important when tending to potentially hazardous spillages or leakages. From vomit and urine to battery acid and toxic substances, spills kits vary in their purpose and function. For this reason, it is important to stock different kits to ensure any hazard can be stopped.

Basic spill kits are useful for clearing up human waste and bacteria. They should include items such as a scoop, surface disinfectant, gloves and wiping towels. Make sure your janitor or cleaner is aware of proper handling methods and takes protective measures such as wearing gloves and a face mask.

For more complicated spillages involving oils, diesels, and acid, heavier-duty spill kits are required. These substances can represent both an air quality and fire hazard if mishandled. To protect your janitorial staff, provide them with disposal body suits, gloves, and splash goggles. Many heavy-duty spill kits include these items, as well as a poly drum for easy collection and transportation.

Finally, janitors and cleaners should be reminded to place proper signage to alert others of spillages or any potential hazards.

4. Recycling Containers

Protecting the environment is a responsibility for all, and recycling is a key component of cutting down on waste and reducing our link to toxic landfills. To help make your business or organization more environmentally proactive, consider installing recycling containers across various points inside and outside your building. Both staff and visitors can then easily dispose of their recyclable waste, without being tempted to throw it away in the ordinary garbage bin.

At The Packaging Company, we provide a whole range of different recycling containers and stations that will help janitors and cleaners organize garbage disposal with ease. Catered to a variety of signs, colors, and shapes, our recycling containers are ideal for almost any location and are easily transportable.

5. Dollies

Though janitors are expected to be hands-on with their work, they can significantly benefit from a bit of help when it comes to moving heavy equipment or large amounts of goods and waste around a building. This where dollies come in. A platform typically equipped with handles and wheels, dollies help do the heavy lifting when it comes to moving equipment around and reduce the need for additional manpower.

Dollies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are built to serve different purposes depending on their desired function. For example, the Rubbermaid® Brute® Tandem Dolly is used to contain and transport waste containers and is capable of supporting 400 lbs in total weight across its two platforms. Many dollies also have safety design features to help avoid crashes, tipping and other hazards, protecting your janitorial staff.

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