damage-free shipping

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, businesses face a challenge: how do they secure and implement the best packaging for their products? It can be as simple as using corrugated boxes and foam packing sheets, or it may require investing in protective bubble mailers and courier bags. Whatever a retailer’s needs, keeping on top of the most effective packing methods is the best way to provide damage-free shipping for their customers.

Here’s some key tips for ensuring your packages arrive safe and secure.

6 Tips for Damage-Free Shipping

Correct Packaging Size

A 2014 study from StellaService found that using the right-sized packaging left a better impression with shoppers, while also reducing the possibility of damage to the product. After looking at the habits of select retailers and their packaging methods, 90% arrived with “adequate or excellent package fit.” 70% of those packages used corrugated boxes.

Quality Packing Materials

Packing materials make up a package’s outer impact protection and its inner void fill packaging components. For example, polybags (also known as courier bags) are inexpensive, tear- and water-resistant, but provide no structural strength. Polybags are appropriate for shipping soft items that are non-fragile, like clothing. Whereas bubble wrap provides complete impact protection for glassware, and loose fill like packing peanuts fills the space when items have the potential to shift during transit.

Custom Packaging Tape

Using the right kind of packaging tape is important. This way you’ll ensure the package doesn’t open up during shipping. While clear packing tape is appropriate for flat envelopes and mailers, reinforced kraft tape will work more effectively for corrugated surfaces.

Wrap Items Properly

It’s not enough to just wrap fragile items like glass in brown paper. They should also be secured with materials like foam packing sheets or bubble wrap. Multiple items should only be mailed together if they won’t damage each other—don’t pack a hammer with a wine glass!

Take Care in Shipping Liquids

Bottles and jars that contain liquids should be positioned upright in a sturdy box. Avoid box damage by choosing an inner packaging material that can contain leaks (like a polybag). If the containers are made of glass, wrapping them in foam packing sheets and taping their ends together adds an extra element of protection.

Secure Your Boxes

Make sure your shipping boxes and mailing envelopes are free of holes and tears. If there are small dents or holes, secure them with strong custom packaging tape before sending them out for shipping. Never use boxes that are so worn that their sides sag or fold in easily.

Did you know that one in 10 e-commerce packages arrives at the buyer’s doorstep damaged? You can help ensure damage-free shipping by choosing the right size packaging, using high quality fill materials and by packing items properly.

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