As an individual or business shipping items, products, or goods locally or internationally, you may be looking for the optimum packaging supplies. With the right packaging supplier and the best supplies, you can impress recipients with the excellent quality of your boxed products or items. It isn’t easy to find an excellent supplier, but one exceptional option is available: The Packaging Company is the number one packaging supplier serving Canada and the United States.

If you’re wondering what The Packaging Company can do for your shipping process, the answer is that we transform your packaging and enhance the satisfaction of your recipients. In this article, we will divulge the six reasons to shop with The Packaging Company and select us as your premium supplier for packaging products.

Why Quality Packaging Supplies and Suppliers Are Important

Whether you are a company or an individual, there are several reasons why quality packaging supplies and suppliers are important. You can use top-quality solutions to protect your high-quality products and make logistics or packing transportation vehicles simpler.

If you are a business, you will have the additional advantage of showcasing your brand image to your consumers with the best packaging supplies. If you are an individual, you can create the perfect impression on your loved one or recipient when shipping items as gifts.

6 Reasons to Choose Packing Solutions from The Packaging Company

6 Reasons to Shop The Packaging Company

With our selection of products, your shipping, delivery, and packaging supply needs are fully covered. However, there are an additional six reasons to choose packing solutions from The Packaging Company. Here’s why you should select us when shipping products or items to customers or loved ones.

Custom Shop

At The Packaging Company, we offer custom shop options with various packaging supplies. From custom tape, labels, and stickers to custom boxes, mailers, coasters, and more, our solutions make your brand awareness goals or personalized packaging design a reality.

With our custom shop, we help you deliver a sense of excitement to your recipient with every unboxing and package opening moment. We help you achieve this by giving you the freedom to create unique, unforgettable designs.

For instance, with our custom-branded boxes, you can upload graphics, use stock artwork, apply text wherever required, and preview your design as you create it. This solution helps you incorporate vibrant colors and text styles to make customers and recipients acknowledge the attention to detail and care you used to package your product.

Loyalty Program

We offer a rewarding loyalty program to our clients that helps your dollars stretch even further. For each purchase you make with us, we will reward you with loyalty points that you can accumulate. Your points can contribute to future purchases, ensuring you save money and can still access high-grade, excellent packaging products.

Eco-Friendly Products

The Packaging Company provides businesses and eco-conscious individuals with eco-friendly products that align with customer and recipient expectations. Among our eco-friendly products are kraft crinkle paper and paper bubble void fill, EarthKraft mailers, paper mailers, and more.

With our kraft crinkle paper, you can simultaneously create an impressive unboxing experience, fill voids in shipping boxes, and cater to eco-conscious recipients as a business. Using our EarthKraft mailers, you can meet the increasing demand for recyclable packaging when you send loved ones or customers flatter products that require padding.

Servicing both Canada and U.S.

Whether you’re based in the United States or Canada, we can support your packaging supply needs. Servicing both Canada and the U.S., and with warehouse facilities in both locations, The Packaging Company’s solutions are the go-to options for businesses and individuals in these countries.

We are pleased to make ordering our wide assortment of solutions a simple and stress-free experience, no matter if you order from Canada or the United States.

20,000 products

With more than 20,000 products, The Packaging Company offers an abundant choice of the packaging industry’s most high-quality solutions. Our range includes carton sealing tape, moving and shipping boxes for individuals, flat poly bags, box liners, pallet covers, and more for businesses.

We stock an extensive selection of envelopes and mailers, including our business and standard envelopes and colorful mailers, plus inventory and shipping labels. No matter whether you need to ship small products in a mailer to clients, use shipping labels to display your customer’s details, or use standard envelopes to send gift cards to loved ones, we have the solution you require as a business or individual.

ARMOR Products

The Packaging Company is proud to offer a vast range of ARMOR products that eliminate the potential damage against metal products due to humidity. We ensure that the products you package always have the optimum defence against corrosion, whether sending valuable products to clients internationally or precious trinkets that can rust in transit on the way to loved ones if exposed to moisture.

Our ARMOR products include rust-preventative zip bags, rust-preventative paper sheets, rust-preventative stretch film, and chipboard rust-preventative strips. For smaller precious metal items, we offer moisture control desiccants that you can place inside your packaging to eliminate oxidization.

Choose The Packaging Company for Exceptional Packaging Solutions

The Packaging Company is the number one choice for world-class packaging options in the United States and Canada.
Explore more about The Packaging Company and our exceptional packaging solutions by browsing our online product offering of over 20,000 products, or create your own unique custom packaging with our online custom shop.