Packaging tape is an essential part of any shipping strategy. It allows you to take protective and preventive action for your packages and boxes. However, when you opt for custom packaging, it provides many more benefits for your shipping strategy.

The Canadian custom packaging market size was estimated at USD 9.51 billion in 2021, and the demand is set to increase by 3.8% CAGR until 2030. Its popularity is due to its value for shipping strategies and marketing.

Read on as we provide a detailed guide to custom packaging tape, its uses, and its benefits.

What Are Your Options For Custom Packing Tape?

There are many ways in which you can use custom packing tape, including:

  • Incorporating your logo or branding into the design of your custom tape.
  • Adding instructions for package handling to the tape.
  • Providing the end user with instructions for opening and handling the package.
  • Adjusting the adhesive compatibility of the tape to meet your specific needs.
  • Altering the colour of the tape.
  • Altering the thickness of the tape.

You must also choose the most suitable type of tape for your packaging needs. Generally, reinforced water-activated tape is an excellent all-around option for e-commerce sellers. It provides the strength required to seal packages with a lightweight design.

However, for large-scale e-commerce companies, or those with more specifications, the following tape types may be required:

These tape types will keep your packages secure despite external conditions. You might consider using machine tape for large-scale packaging solutions, as it supports automation, efficiency, and productivity when sealing boxes.

Benefits Of Using Custom Tape For Packaging Supplies

Below is a breakdown of what you can gain from investing in custom tape for your packaging solutions.


When you choose custom tape for your packaging supplies, you gain the advantage of a marketing opportunity. You can incorporate your logo on the package to elevate your branding and create a more established feel for your business.

The blank space on your packages is something you can leverage to create more marketing opportunities and receive better ROI on your packaging investments. It creates more opportunities for return customers by reminding them of your brand.

Ensuring Proper Handling

When you have fragile or breakable items, it’s essential to mark your boxes to let couriers know the parcel should be handled with care. Using tape to communicate that an item is temperature-sensitive or fragile can reduce the potential for mishandling and dissatisfied customers.

Sending Messages

You can send messages to your customers using your custom tape. Whether instructing them on how to open the parcel or providing them with information about your latest offers, the tape makes an excellent messaging tool to communicate with your customer base. You might even include a message to thank the customer for their purchase.


Dull, brown packaging does not make a lasting impression on your customers. It does not distinguish your packaging and customer service from other e-commerce sellers. By choosing coloured tape for your packaging, you can ensure your packaging stands out from other brands.

Custom Packaging Supplies From The Packaging Company

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your packaging by incorporating your logo or need to provide handling instructions – you can use custom packing tape. Custom packing tape helps to elevate your packaging from the crowd and provides a marketing opportunity.

Are you exploring custom packaging supplies? The Packaging Company has a wealth of experience accommodating all packaging needs. Check out the custom packaging design tools and create your unique design today!