How Packaging Affects the Quality of Cannabis Products

With legalization across Canada and in several U.S. states, the cannabis industry has boomed over the last few years, being popular both medicinally and recreationally. Yet, unlike many other consumable products, cannabis products are subject to multiple restrictions. These restrictions also extend to product packaging.

For cannabis manufacturers, this means limited opportunities to advertise their product physically and the perceived quality cannot be shown using distinguishable branding or design. Instead, quality cannabis is evident to consumers in how well it complies with health and safety regulations.

In today’s post, The Packaging Company will be exploring how cannabis manufacturers can correctly package their goods and what effect this has on the quality of their products.

Cannabis Packaging Regulations

Packaging your cannabis products to maintain its quality is not just done for the consumers’ product satisfaction, it is also part of the law. Because cannabis is highly sensitive and has a direct impact on its consumer, the Canadian government has put together a series of regulations to protect the health and safety of the general population.

Some of these regulations focus on the visual appearance and accessibility of the packaging, whereas other regulations focus on keeping the product free from contamination. Here are some of the guidelines specified by the Canadian government as it relates to cannabis packaging:

  • Must be plain in appearance, including labels.
  • Cannot display a person, character, or animal (real or fictional).
  • Cannot contain any emotional or visual branding (e.g. glamourizing cannabis use).
  • Cannot have any packaging windows to show its interior.
  • Not contain more than 30g of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in other forms.

Labelling Requirements for Cannabis Products

In addition to the regulations on how cannabis products are packed, there are also several restrictions that apply to how the products are labelled. For example, the label must:

  • Be securely applied or printed on to the packaging.
  • Be in English and French.
  • Be displayed on the principal display surface of a container, usually the largest side of a bag.
  • Contain a standardized cannabis symbol.
  • Contain health, child-safety warnings, and the THC/CBD content amounts.
  • Have a visible expiry date on dried cannabis and cannabis extracts.
  • Provide storage guidance (e.g. temperature, avoid direct light)

By complying with the guidelines above, cannabis manufacturers are demonstrating that their products are safe for use and meet national standards. Exact government guidelines on packaging cannabis products differ by State, please check your State regulations or consult with your legal counsel.

Why Regulations Matter for Cannabis Product Quality

If products are not packaged with the correct labelling, they are not only breaking trading regulations, but they may also indicate improper manufacturing. If customers sense that their cannabis products are not professionally manufactured, many may be deterred from consuming the product and will likely choose a different dispensary for their own peace of mind.

What Makes Great Cannabis Packaging

Considering all these regulations and the need to protect consumer health, it might seem challenging to find the right packaging for your cannabis products. However, by working with the right cannabis packaging supplier, you can safely package and dispense your quality products with ease.

Cannabis companies cannot rely on branding or distinguishable packaging to sell their products. To ensure packaging reflects product quality, cannabis manufacturers must instead use packaging that meets all the necessary regulations and protects the product’s freshness. For example, reclosable bags from Medjacket™ are a perfect choice for packing cannabis. They have many advantages, such as:

  • Having a neutral appearance.
  • Being able to block mold and bacteria from entering.
  • Sealable, reducing any possible negative exposure to light and air.
  • Having a child-resistant zip, suitable for preserving freshness.

Best of all, the Medjacket™ packaging fully complies with both Canadian and U.S. regulations, making sure your products reflect true quality to your consumers.

Purchase Cannabis Packaging Supplies from The Packaging Company

If you are a cannabis manufacturer looking to sell your goods safely and professionally, you need quality packaging to ensure your products comply by government regulations. Not only is the choice of cannabis packaging a legal measure but features such as being sealable ensure your product is tamper-proof for the well-being of your consumers.

Here at The Packaging Company, we provide a whole variety of packaging for cannabis and medical products, including Medjacket™ pouches and labels. Dedicated to manufacturing only the safest packaging on the market, our clients and their consumers can have peace of mind that their products are fresh and suitable for consumption. Browse our catalog to discover more!