We all love taking a trip down to the local bakery and picking up a sweet treat on a Friday to reward ourselves for a hard week of work. However, have you ever thought about how bakeries produce such a high volume of goods within such a short space of time?

Well, the answer lies in the products they use to increase their efficiency. If you own a bakery and you’re struggling with getting your items baked, decorated and packed within a tight time frame, then you could benefit from some of the time-saving products from The Packaging Company.

To find out how The Packaging Company can help you with your packaging supplies, keep reading!

The Different Types Of Packing Equipment That Bakeries Use

Bakeries use many types of equipment to increase their packing efficiency in order to get products out to their distributors and customers at a quicker pace.

These products reduce the time needed to fiddle with packaging, allowing them to refocus their time on what matters; creating yummy food! Here’s a guide to some of the packaging equipment bakeries use:

Bag Openers

Bag openers are made to make packing a high volume of items into a single bag much easier. This product holds bags open with air while the user can easily slot the baked items into the bags and change over, ready for the next items.

This decreases the time spent keeping bags open and slotting goods in them and can decrease the amount of personnel needed to pack items. Packaging items only takes seconds with this product, which has adjustable arms for different packaging sizes, making this an extremely versatile product.

Bag Sealers

The tamper-evident bag sealer is a robust sealing solution that can tie the necks of any plastic bag with a 3/8″ diameter size. This is an ideal solution for bakeries as this sealer allows users to remove the seal without damaging the plastic bag.

Alongside the reusable tape seal, this is the ideal solution for reducing waste and ensuring bakeries get a perfect seal every time. Without damaging their packaging, bakeries can present their goods to their customers in perfect condition at all times!

Bag Sealer Tape

One of the most important things that bakeries do to keep their products fresh is to use sealants to stop air and dirt from reaching the baked goods inside the bag.

However, getting the sealant tight enough around the bag to keep the products fresh can be tricky. The Packaging Company has a tabletop solution that makes sealing bags super quick and easy.

The tape bag sealer can contain a roll of adhesive that can form a tight seal around a bag of baked goods. All the user has to do is slot the plastic bag neck through the narrow channel and pull the bag through the sealer.

The best thing about this bag sealer is that you don’t need tools or training to operate this, so users can immediately benefit from incorporating this into their packaging strategy.

Twist Tie Machines

Finding semi-automated solutions is an effective way of increasing productivity and efficiency in your bakery. To kick-start your semi-automated solutions, you should try a semi-automatic twist tie machine that can easily seal your products in seconds.

This product forms an extra tight tie with up to 50 cycles per minute, making this the ultimate product to increase efficiency in your bakery. You won’t need to hurt your fingertips trying to get your twist ties super tight with this machine!

Twist Tie Spools

If you’re looking for the perfect twist tie spool to go with your automatic machine, then you’re in luck! The Packaging Company supplies a great range of twist tie spools that are compatible with your automatic machines. Our spools are moisture-resistant, meaning they’ll secure your products for longer!

Label Dispensers

Another automated solution that bakeries benefit from is a semi-automatic label dispenser. Bakeries can label their products for distribution in seconds with the help of this label dispenser that dispenses 280 inches per minute.

With this tool, your bakery staff won’t have to waste time with individual labels and can condense their workload to increase productivity.

Custom Labels

If you want to get your brand identity out into the world at a quicker pace, then you should use custom labels from The Packaging Company. Our custom labels are perfect for communicating your unique brand identity and guarantee to catch your customer’s eye.

Our labels are super quick to peel off with no die-cut edges, so you won’t ruin your fingers and can start customizing your packaging in seconds.

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