There’s no question that corrugated boxes are strong and useful. But repeated use and improper storage can compromise that strength and usefulness. There’s nothing more frustrating than carrying a box full of important items, only to have a side split open or the bottom drop out. You can avoid that fate by using quality plastic bins for more permanent moving and storage solutions.

So just how versatile are they? Let’s take a look.

Moving Your Home

It’s never a surprise how difficult and stressful moving can be. Damaged or poorly packed corrugated boxes can add even more stress on the big day, so why not minimize frustration with a sturdy plastic bin? The bin itself is one solid piece of plastic with no seams to seal, saving you money on packing tape. The lid itself snaps in place, creating a seal—again with no tape required—to keep out dust, water, and even sticky hands.

Storage & Organization


Not only do you have to move papers and valuable items, sometimes you’ve got to store them, too. Plastic bins fit the bill perfectly. Whether placed in a closet, basement or storage depot, they stack easily and securely, protecting their contents from water, dust and light.


Offices and warehouses benefit just as much from using plastic bins to store documents and files, extra office supplies and paper products.

Bonus Tip: Color-coding can help with organization even more—whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner!

Disaster Preparation


Plastic bins can be used to store clothing, important files, pictures and family heirlooms to protect them from the elements.  They’re also ideal for storing and organizing food and water, blankets, first aid and other emergency rations.


Client files, accounting records, emergency supplies and more need to be safely stored in warehouses. The sheer volume of items and papers that a business generates means plastic bins are an even more worthwhile investment due to their durability and ease of stacking.

Disaster Relief


After a crisis passes, there are always areas and things that need to be sifted through. If items are already in a plastic bin, you may find them safe and intact, or at least only minimally damaged. If you’re collecting things to protect them from smoke damage or water leaks, plastic bins are a reliable way to make sure everything is kept safe from then on.


If you’re assisting with disaster relief, it’s crucial that you have plenty of plastic bins in your distribution plan. Those in need will appreciate a storage bin to gather and sort their belongings—or a storage bin full of supplies meant to make recovery from disaster that little bit easier.

It’s clear that for homes and businesses, plastic bins can be the right storage solution. Color-coding options, lid locking styles and convenient carrying handles all help get the job done right. The Packaging Company has what you need when it comes to the labels, hand trucks and packaging supplies it takes to move and store them.