You’re getting ready to move, prepping things for storage, or nearly ready to ship a customer’s order. You’ve got the boxes and the tape, the labels and the markers, but there’s space left inside. What’s your void fill of choice? Peanuts? Packing paper?

Peanuts are fun and often biodegradable, but they let contents shift. Packing paper is a great choice too, but it only keeps things from marring each other. It doesn’t protect them from the real rigors of shipping and storage.

So how about bubble cushion? Little plastic cells full of air create a layer of cushioning between your items and the outside world. Since it’s lightweight, clean and easy-to-use, bubble guards against shock, vibration and cosmetic damage. Glasses, vases, mirrors and so much more benefit from a good wrapping in bubble.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should make bubble cushion your friend:

It’s got options

Though it’s most commonly available in sheets, rolls, carton dispensers and industrial-sized spools, the options don’t stop there. Coming in perforated rolls and sheets for easy ripping, even the bubbles themselves are different heights. Starting at smaller 3/16” bubble for small and light objects, it goes as big as 1/2” bubbles, meant for larger and heavier things.

It plays well with others

Here comes Krubble! A lesser-known player on the scene, Krubble is a roll of kraft paper and a roll of bubble cushion glued together for life. This new marriage creates a packing material with serious looks and applications. Wrap up valuable crystal, stuff it into the empty spaces in a box, and even use it as parcel wrapping.

It plays well on its own

Did you know bubble was originally created to be 3D wallpaper in the 50’s? It wasn’t popular. So it was re-marketed as insulation for greenhouses, which didn’t pan out either. Poor bubble sat alone and unappreciated until it was brought out of storage to wrap up some computers being moved. Now bubble’s everywhere and it’s even being made into pouches for protecting glass, ceramics, and any other items too fragile to make it on their own. Available in a number of sizes, bubble pouches are perfect for electronics like digital cameras and flat screen TVs.

It’s not a fan of static

Vibration and movement during transportation can cause static build up, something that’s pretty dangerous to the life of electronics. Anti-static bubble helps to stop or dissipate the charge before it can harm anything, meaning your goods reach their destination unaffected and unharmed.

It cares about the Environment

Treating the environment right is everyone’s responsibility, and even bubble is getting in on the action. Green bubble, made with reusable polyethylene resin (which is eco-friendly and recyclable), means you’re being respectful and supportive of our world. It’s a win across the board, since it cuts down on materials (Green bubble contains 40% recycled material), cuts down on fuel use and carbon emissions, and it just plain looks nice to wrap something in.

There’s a use for nearly everything when it comes to bubble cushion. Just remember to wrap the bubbles against your object and use more layers if it’s really fragile. There’s also no harm in stuffing more bubble into the box, and once you’re done you can pop the leftovers for some congratulatory fun.

The Packaging Company knows bubble cushion (we’re good friends, first name basis!). We can be your trusted source for all you need, and all you need to know, about packaging. Have fun wrapping!