What Are The 3 Most Common Packaging Problems?

In this day and age, around 90% of global purchases are made online. As we’ve been drifting away from the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experiences of the past, proper packaging of products has become more and more important.

With more items being shipped to far-off locations than ever before, companies all over the world now have to put much more thought into how best to package the products they send out. Naturally, companies also have to consider the issues associated with such inflated packaging requirements.

Here are the 3 most common problems when it comes to packaging:

1. Protection Of Products

We all want our possessions and new purchases to be safe, especially when we’ve just paid a substantial amount of money for them. Most of us have been in the awful situation of receiving a parcel and opening it with excitement, only to find that the contents are damaged or broken.

While these situations are often resolved by the company sending out a replacement, the extended waiting period can ultimately frustrate a customer, leading to negative reviews and loss of future customers.

While some of the blame can perhaps be put on warehouse staff or delivery drivers, proper packaging is certainly one of the key factors when it comes to protecting items that are sent out. With custom packaging solutions, you can ensure that nothing your company sends out arrives damaged or broken.

2. Packaging Waste

You want to ensure that the packaging solution you use is not excessively wasteful or unnecessarily large.

Unfortunately, there are some companies that make the mistake of adding more packaging than necessary. In the long run, it hurts the company financially and environmentally.

In addition, your customers won’t appreciate having to clean up a bunch of packaging after receiving their item(s) that didn’t need a ton of packaging to begin with. You also want to ensure the packaging that you use is both safe and environmentally friendly.

3. Sustainability

A company’s green initiatives and environmental responsibility have a great deal of influence when it comes to their overall image.

Now more than ever, customers are looking for eco-friendly products, and want to be confident that the companies they buy from support the environment too.

With that being said, you must ensure that all of the packaging you use is 100% recyclable or as close to it as possible.

Improve Your Packaging Process With The Packaging Company

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