What Are The Benefits Of Event Wristbands?

Events come in a variety of sizes, forms and purposes. Some of the most common examples include corporate events such as trade shows, conferences and public events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events. No matter what the purpose may be, there is always a lot of work that goes into the planning, organization, and execution of the event.

Event wristbands may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but the truth is the exact opposite. Event wristbands are a substantial tool that can offer benefits, regardless of what your event is.

Event wristbands can help with everything from security and accessibility to identification and costs. Learn more about the benefits below.

Security Wristbands

Small and large events alike require security measures. Wristbands are an easy tool to use when you are trying to assess where someone should be. They are hard to conceal, so you can tell right away if someone should be sent away from your venue.

Try to make your wristbands for events in different colors and with different designs. If you are serving alcohol and underage people are at your event, you can even get “Age Verified” wristbands. This will help your bar staff determine who should get a drink quickly and efficiently.

Identification Wristbands

You can make another color for VIPs. This lets you identify VIP’s quickly and bring them to select areas of your venue. A star design is visually appealing, and it helps your VIPs feel like superstars.

Most wristbands are reusable, especially ones made with plastic. You can ask guests who frequent your events to reuse their wristbands. When you see an old band, you know that they are a loyal client and can cater to them.

You can also use the different designs of wristbands for height requirements. One color can specify whether someone is tall enough to ride a carnival ride or not.

Saved Resources

Printing even two days’ worth of tickets can cost you hundreds of dollars. It may take hours to print them all out, and many of them will end up in the landfill.

For a multi-day event, you should consider using wristbands. Your guests can bring them back the next day and they will not need new ones. If you need to buy spares, you can buy a few hundred at low prices.


Wristbands will last longer than paper tickets or badges. If someone is reaching into their pocket, it can easily tear their ticket. As well, the ink can sometimes run, making it hard to tell where they should go.

You can use wristbands for any kind of event. Concerts, business conferences, and festivals are common ones. But you can even use wristbands for school reunions, family engagements, and art shows.

Tyvek wristbands are made to survive the elements. They are waterproof and tamper resistant. Once they go on the wrist, they are difficult to remove, making them hard to steal.

Purchase High Quality Event Wristbands

Event wristbands are versatile tools for the event industry. Security guards can easily check attendees in a few seconds.

You can use wristbands to quickly identify people and either grant or restrict their access. You can get a separate design for VIPs. You can spot the design in a crowd and have conversations in little time.

Wristbands are great for multi-day events because they last through time. You do not need to print out multiple sets of tickets. They withstand inclement weather while remaining hard to steal.

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