What Can I Do With Custom Printed Coasters?

Custom materials are a great way to spread awareness and recognition for your brand, company, event or even a personal occasion. Customizations can include brand colors, logos, quotes, images, dates and so much more.

Drink coasters in particular are a small, but important accessory that you can find at almost every bar, restaurant and home. They protect furniture from condensation and water rings left from bottles, cans, mugs and glasses. Apart from being a useful tool to keep around businesses and homes, it can also be a great opportunity for customization and advertising.

While most people associate drink coasters with bars and restaurants, there are many other businesses that can benefit from custom branded coasters. Furniture companies can supply complimentary coasters with new tables, ice cream shops can use them for their milkshakes, hotels can use them in the rooms, and clothing stores can attach them to their products. There are endless possibilities when it comes to custom printed coasters, take a look at just a few of the great ways to use them below.

1. Company Branding

Custom coasters are a great way to both serve purpose and increase brand awareness for your company of any kind. You can add the name of your business, a specialty brand or even advertise an upcoming event. These coasters can be used in your restaurant, bar or other establishment and is a cheap, effective way to personalize your customer’s experience and remind them where they are or where they’ve been.

2. Promotional Material & Giveaways

If you have a business and are looking for a way to promote yourself and increase brand recognition, custom printed coasters are a great solution. You can give these away at events, parties and even your own location. It makes your customers (and potential customers) feel appreciated and also gives the opportunity for more customers to learn about your company. They are a cheap, effective and useful way to spend your company advertising money and they will likely spark up future conversations between friends, family and other potential customers. In fact, many people throughout the world actually collect coasters from the places they have visited on their journeys, talk about a conversation starter!

3. Weddings and Events

Custom coasters are for more than just businesses and advertising, they are also a great way to commemorate an important day such as a wedding, party or other memorable events. They are a perfect way to add a personalized, final touch to your wedding, and your guests will be able to use them at the party and take them home as a favor. You can personalize your coasters with images of the bride and groom, wedding dates, quotes, color themes, and much more. Custom coasters are also affordable and easy to order, helping you save valuable time and money in preparation for your big day.

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