The visual appeal and packaging protection you want to achieve as an e-commerce company aren’t easy to accomplish. You might be looking for box-up products in a way that helps you create the best impression on your clients. This requires you to distribute damage-free items that look perfect.

Fortunately, the packaging industry is anything but limited in terms of its solutions. It offers you crinkle paper, one of the packing supplies that can take your packing process to a whole new level. It may be a simple solution, but it’s versatile and handy.

Here, we explore why crinkle paper is important for packaging. We will also answer the question “What is crinkle paper?” and focus on the key features of this solution.

What is Crinkle Paper?

Crinkle paper is a packaging material with tiny crimped folds so that the paper looks like a zig-zag pattern. It is handy, thin strips of crinkle-cut paper shreds, and a critical option for packing supplies. This is one of the packaging materials that is compostable and chemical-free.

Thanks to its 100% recycled materials, crinkle paper is an eco-friendly packaging option to dispose of easily. This packing paper is one of the reusable packaging materials with plenty of excellent applications.

What Are the Applications of Crinkle Paper in Packaging

Crinkle paper is not just for protecting heavy items. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key applications of crinkle paper in packaging.

Void Filling Solutions

If you pack your products or precious belongings into moving boxes, you’re going to need a solution to fill the voids around them. Crinkle paper is a versatile void filler that will help eliminate the loose spaces around your item.

With its crinkle-cut shred design, this packaging is a must before you seal the boxes with packing tape and put it into the moving truck or vehicle for distribution. It may be a void filler solution, but it also acts as additional cushioning around the product. It mitigates the chances of items crashing into each other, reducing the potential for damage.

Perfection for Packaging Presentation

You might be looking for the perfect way to present your packaging, which is where crinkle paper can help you. Whether you have a gift box or gift basket to prepare, you can create a nest-like structure made of this packaging solution. You can then place your products into the crinkle paper, carefully positioning each item to showcase their features and arrange them perfectly.

For example, if you are an e-commerce company selling vases or small gardening supplies, you can present them perfectly with crinkle paper. Use it in addition to bubble wrap or plastic packaging to ensure the products do not break during transit.

Brand-Boosting Crinkle Paper Encourages Purchases

Crinkle paper can align with your brand and ensure your client notices your business. It’s the ultimate brand booster if you match the color with the colors of your company logo. This alignment in color ensures your clients never forget the company they made their purchase from.

Studies show that visual and haptic perception encourages clients to make purchases. With this in mind, selecting crinkle paper that is visually appealing and matches your brand might even help your e-commerce company exert a significant effect on your clients’ purchase intent. For these reasons, it’s an important packaging solution you shouldn’t miss out on.

How Does Crinkle Paper Protect Packaged Products?

Other than preventing items from crashing into each other, crinkle paper protects belongings in other ways. If you stack items on top of each other inside a packing or shipping box, they’ll need extra protection against friction in transit. Inserting a scattered layer of crinkle paper between them stops the items from scraping against each other.

For instance, if you pack glass dishes or porcelain products into a moving box, you may use crinkle paper between each plate. Or if you stack fragile electronic equipment with sharp edges in a box, you can add bunches of crinkle paper between them.

How Does Crinkle Paper Enhance the Presentation of Packaged Products?

What crinkle paper adds to your packaging is a touch of care and packaging excellence. Placing crinkle paper into your package makes all the difference in presentation by adding a pop of solid colors. Its visually appealing look is just what your e-commerce clients expect and takes the unboxing process to a new level.

It isn’t just the color that contributes to exemplary presentation. With crinkle paper placed on top of your product, it also creates a sense of anticipation and excitement for clients before they open it. It makes opening your package fun for your customers.

Discover Crinkle Paper Solutions from The Packaging Company

Making your package visually appealing and filling voids to protect your items is essential if you want to create the perfect unboxing experience for your clients. You can do it easily with crinkle paper from The Packaging Company. We provide a full range of crinkle paper packaging options. Browse our product offering and order exceptional packaging for all your packaging needs.