PAPERbubble® is a new protective material that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in the packaging industry. With a number of uses and advantages that other types of packaging wrap simply don’t have, and as a type of paper-based bubble wrap, it’s a great alternative to plastic-based products.

PAPERbubble® vs. Bubble Wrap

On the surface, bubble wrap and PAPERbubble® are practically identical in their purpose. Both are layered materials used to protect valuable items, particularly when shipping or transporting them. However, PAPERbubble® is made from 100% recycled paper, often has a honeycomb-style design, and is often much flatter than its plastic-based counterpart. PAPERbubble® wrap can also be used in several situations where regular bubble wrap falls short.

How Can I Use PAPERbubble®?

In any scenario in which you could imagine using bubble wrap, you could use PAPERbubble®. Its primary function, similar to that of bubble wrap, involves wrapping valuable items for extra cushioning.

This is especially needed when wrapping or transporting more fragile items such as chinaware, anything made of glass, and other items that could be easily damaged or broken. But functions of PAPERbubble® don’t stop there. PAPERbubble® also makes for excellent void fill. It’s also great for general wrapping, for scenarios where wrapping paper simply won’t cut it.

What Are The Benefits of Using PAPERbubble®?

PAPERbubble® has many advantages, especially over traditional bubble wrap and other plastic-based products. It’s a great tool for both businesses and individuals alike, and more people are discovering its uses every day. Before choosing your packaging products, learn about all of the wonderful benefits that PAPERbubble® has to offer.

it’s Environmentally Friendly

Being 100% made of recycled paper means that PAPERbubble® is environmentally friendly. Buying it not only means that you’re not contributing to the harvesting of additional natural resources, but it is also completely recyclable and can be used over and over again.

The environmental factor is especially great for companies who have more environmental responsibility, especially for packaging companies who often contribute highly to plastic consumption. Making this easy switch is great for any company’s green initiative, though even on an individual basis, it shows that you’re looking out for the planet’s future.

It’s Compact

Being flat, as well as being incredibly flexible means that PAPERbubble® is easy to handle and store. It’s much more compact than bubble wrap, and thus easier to set up and use. Unless it’s interlocked, it won’t stick to itself in the way that bubble wrap might, meaning that it can be stacked in great quantities without any drawbacks.

No Adhesives Needed

The natural honeycomb shape of PAPERbubble® allows anyone using it to interlock it with itself, saving on any need for glue or tape when wrapping with PAPERbubble®. PAPERbubble® saves the wrapper both time and money, as they won’t have to spend additional money on these extra materials. This also makes it the ideal tool for wrapping anything with an unconventional shape.

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