Packaging is an integral part of your brand. It affects all areas of your business, from the supplies and goods you receive to the finished products you send to clients, customers, and wholesalers.

When it comes to packaging, there are quite a few options to consider. Packaging solutions can be split into primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. You will need to consider each of these options when it comes to your business.

Below, we’ve summarized each kind of packaging to help you better understand their primary purposes and when you would use them.

Primary Packaging

The main purpose of primary packaging is to protect and preserve products, contain them, and inform consumers of what’s inside them. This type of packaging has direct contact with the product and is sometimes referred to as consumer or retail packaging.

Primary packaging is usually made up of several components. For example, if your product were beer, your primary packaging would be made up of the bottle and cap as well as the product label.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is generally used to show off a company’s branding and logistical purposes. You may also use it to protect the product further and collate individual product units in retail settings.

Secondary packaging encompasses quite an array of different products, including:

  • Display products
  • Boxes to contain products
  • Retail-ready packaging
  • Shelf-ready packaging
  • Counter-top display units
  • Gift packaging

Secondary packaging is predominantly made up of printed cardboard and corrugated cardboard. It is a great way to show off your branding and can be used in creative ways.

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is used to protect, handle, and transport multiple sales units of your products. This kind of packaging is rarely seen by the consumer and includes transit packaging, mailers, and other types of packaging that help your product reach your consumer in one piece.

Branding is usually found on tertiary packaging, but as the consumer does not see it, it is not always necessary.

What Considerations Do I Need To Make When It Comes To My Packaging?

Whether it’s primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging, you should make a few considerations about your packaging choices for your businesses. These include:

  • Consider what is most important about your packaging – Does it need to provide a lot of protection for delicate products? Do you want it to show off your branding? Would you like it to be easy to recycle to fit with eco-friendly brand values? All of these are essential questions to ask when it comes to your packaging choice.
  • Consider the value of the packaging – Don’t spend lots of money on packaging that looks great but is impractical. Packaging is essential for your business and branding, but it must also be functional.
  • Consider transportation and delivery costs – Some kinds of packaging weigh more than others or take up more space. This kind of packaging will cost you more regarding delivery expenses. Take this into account when you choose a packaging type.
  • Consider your branding – Packaging is the perfect opportunity to display your branding and improve consistency throughout your business. Think about where your logo could go on your boxes and look into colored packaging to match your brand colors.

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