What Supplies Do You Need To Sell Ice Cream?

Ice cream is undoubtedly a worldwide favorite, among both kids and adults. It comes in so many different forms including soft serve, hard ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet and so much more! You can almost always count on every city, town and village to have a local ice cream shop for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In order to keep your customers happy and your business rolling, it is important that you have the right supplies and equipment. We aren’t necessarily talking about the obvious things you need such as freezers, ice cream cones, scoops and of course… ice cream. Rather, we are referring to the supplies that take your business up a notch and keep your customers happy. Take a look below at some of the best supplies to have in your ice cream shop.

Containers or Bowls

While a good portion of ice cream sales is sold in a cone, it is inevitable that there will be customers who prefer a container. Bowls and containers are often cleaner and easier for your customers to enjoy! It’s always a good idea to have these on hand, so buying in bulk is not only convenient but will save your business money.

At The Packaging Company, we offer a selection of bowls and containers that are perfect for serving ice cream. Our traditional and disposable 12oz bowls are made from heavyweight paper and are soak-proof. However, we also carry double-sided poly-coated paper containers, they are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8oz all the way up to 32oz. They are perfect for providing visual portion cues to your customers. Additionally, you can purchase lids for these containers (if necessary).


As long as you’re serving ice cream in bowls and containers, you will need a way for your guests to eat their sweet treats. Buying spoons in bulk not only lowers costs but ensures that you won’t run out of this essential supply.

At The Packaging Company, we have several options for your bulk spoon orders. We have cases of disposable plastic spoons and we also have individually wrapped disposable spoons. Each of these options comes in cases of 1000.


It’s no secret that ice cream is best served on a hot summer day (although who are we kidding, we all eat ice cream in the winter too). But, on those hot summer days, it doesn’t take long before your ice cream starts to melt, drip, and get a little messy! Not to mention the inevitable chaos that comes from giving ice cream to the tiny humans who appreciate it the most.

For these reasons exactly is why a simple supply like napkins is absolutely necessary when selling ice cream. At The Packaging Company, we have several different types of napkins to choose from including dinner napkins, luncheon napkins and beverage napkins. These bulk supply napkins can be found in cases that contain anywhere from 3000-6000 units.

If you really want to satisfy your guests (especially ones with children), you can take it a step further and provide lemon-fresh moist towelettes for superior hand cleaning.


Depending on the type of ice cream business you run, you may benefit from providing trays to customers with large orders. This allows customers to easily carry family sizes orders and supplies to and from their car or seating area. These cardboard trays are a convenient, cheap and easy way to take the extra step for your customers and their satisfaction!

Final Thoughts

Ice cream is the perfect addition for any event, whether it be a date, family fun or just a lazy night in. If you can provide the best selection and customer service experience for your guests, you will be sure to have those repeat customers that we all value so much. By keeping your supplies stocked and loaded, you can ensure to be ready for anything! At The Packaging Company, we love and support small businesses and we wish you all the best in your ice cream endeavors!

Do You Need Supplies For Your Ice Cream Or Other Food Business?

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