One of the neatest things about packaging design is that you’re essentially working with an empty canvas. No matter what product it’s meant for, you get the chance to dictate its looks, its feel and even how it functions. That’s why we’re such fans of food packaging, especially the clever kind that sets out to do more than just house a product in pictures and text.

We also enjoy sharing smart-looking packaging with you, so before we get too hungry, let’s check out 3 savoury examples of our favourite cheese packaging.

The Deli Garage’s Cheese Pencils

Cheese Packaging: Cheese Pencils 1

These are just the greatest, aren’t they?!

Oversized pencils of parmesan cheese that come in three flavours: truffle, pesto and chili. Their wrappers not only protect your hands and the cheese from cross-contamination, they’re also covered in measurement marks. You can quickly see exactly how much cheese you’ll need to grate to reach a desired amount, and how much you’ve got left.

If you’re like us, when someone starts grating cheese and tells you, “say when,” you usually take an immediate vow of silence. That’ll be tough to do this time once you lay eyes on the highly memorable grater that’s included with the cheese pencils set.

It’s a custom-sized grater that looks just like a pencil sharpener. Just turn the cheese pencil and it’ll create thin strips of perfectly curled cheese shavings. We think this is a complete packaging success, displaying an excellent sense of style and presentation.

Cheese Packaging: Cheese Pencils 2

Crayola Crayon String Cheese

Cheese Packaging: Crayola Cheese Strings

This is like two hits of nostalgia at once, isn’t it?

String cheese brings us all back to grade school lunches and Crayola crayons make us think of art classes and rainy recesses inside. So, it’s all the more effective to see them brought together—the alluring peek at delicious cheese combined with the iconic packaging design of a Crayola box.

It’s a smart design choice that’ll draw in two audiences without sacrificing the protection that sealed plastic packaging has over cardboard in this case. Excuse us while we hunt some string cheese down.

Captain John Cheese

Cheese Packaging: Captain John Cheese 1

This is simply a prototype design created by a packaging student, but it’s such a great idea that we had to make sure it got shown off.

A hunk of cheese sits appetizingly inside packaging that mimics the look of a small bell jar. Its labelling uses great typography and colour blocking in its branding design, instantly summing up that each container has a different cheese flavour waiting inside.

The most intriguing and unexpected addition is an attached cheese cutter. Shaped like a propeller, the intention is that it’s simply spun by hand and it’ll shave off perfectly measured slices of cheese. We really, really want to see this on shelves now.

Cheese Packaging: Captain John Cheese 2

The best packaging design doesn’t just solve a problem—it solves it in style. We think these examples of cheese packaging show the fun you can have in creating something that both protects and showcases such a delicious product. And we don’t know about you, but now we’re hungry. Maybe it’s time for a grilled cheese or two.

Have you discovered packaging design that you thoroughly love? Be sure to share it with us!