Mailer boxes are a great way for small businesses to get their products to customers intact. They protect their items and arrive in great condition, helping to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

If you’re looking at mailer boxes for your company when searching for packaging supplies, you may have noticed how many interesting ways businesses customize mailer boxes to consolidate their branding and make their parcels look fantastic.

In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the ways that you can customize your mailer boxes to make them stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find out more.

Add Dividers

Adding dividers or plastic trays can help to keep all of your products separate. This idea works well if you’re selling your products in sets or if you’re selling cosmetic and hair care products.

Having the products separated out and neatly placed can make for an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience and makes customers believe you have spent the time packaging your products with care.

Putting Artwork On The Boxes

Adding printed artwork to your box is an excellent way of making your mailers stand out. Whether you add your logo or a simple design using brand colors, artwork helps your mailer boxes to look aesthetically pleasing.

The unboxing experience is important, especially in the social media era, so if your boxes look fantastic from the outside, buyers are going to be even more excited about what’s inside.

Printed Stickers

While printing artwork onto your mailer boxes sounds great, for some businesses, this is just not financially feasible. However, there is another alternative. You can buy blank mailer boxes and customize them with your own printed stickers.

Printing stickers is a less expensive alternative to buying custom mailer boxes, and it means that your boxes look just as well put together as those with artwork printed on them at a fraction of the cost. Consider having ‘thank you’ stickers along with your logo to ensure customers feel appreciated.

Printing On The Inside Of The Box

If you can afford it, then printing on the inside of your mailer boxes can add a touch of individuality to your customer’s unboxing experience. You could print contact details, your social media handles or instructions for use on the inner lid of the box.

Colored Mailer Boxes

If you’re looking for a way to keep your branding consistent throughout your packaging supplies but don’t have the budget for things like printing labels, you should consider a one-color mailer box. Many places now offer more than just kraft and white mailer boxes, meaning you can send out your products in a box that matches your brand colors.

This is a good idea for smaller businesses that are just getting started but want to offer an exciting unboxing experience to all of their customers.

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